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Estonia is one of the three Baltic republics, along with Latvia and Lithuania. With a population of 1,3 million, it has managed to become one of the most advanced and richest countries in Europe.

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I want to start this guide by talking about individual traits that set off women of Estonia from other women. The aim is to give you a closer look at what are Estonian women like so you can decide if you want to end up dating them or not. Estonian girls are quite tall and lean and they typically have blonde hair, so apart from their height, they can be compared to Russian girls in terms of beauty. And, besides most Estonian women having blonde hair, you can find brunettes and dark-haired women as well.

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Estonia is a Baltic state that borders by land with Latvia in the south and with Russia in the east.

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Finland and Estonia are separated by the Gulf of Finland. Estonia women combine European chic and Scandinavian minimalism.

Estonians are a small nation but are very hard-working and united. Estonian women love their culture and traditions very much, and they are often called a singing nation. Estonian girls hold leading positions among famous singers and models worldwide.

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Best Asian Brides. Among all republics of the former Soviet Union, Estonia can be called one of the most developed states. Mostly, Estonians and Russians live there. Hence, you can have difficulties understanding which of the women is Estonian or Russian on the street. In many cases, Estonia women look like Russians, but their character traits are different. Estonian females feature calmness, tranquility, and admirable balance. They are used to never hurrying up and they do everything at a moderate pace.

Estonian women dating guide: what should you know about these gorgeous ladies

Estonian women are generally delicate, intelligent, and well-balanced. Their phlegmatic nature even became a punch line for many anecdotes and jokes in the post-Soviet space. They think carefully about their decisions, actions, and words. Because of this, women from Estonia seem slow, but they take rash steps much less frequently. Often their facial expression is too serious, but you can quickly remove this mask with the right approach. If you plan to meet an Estonian girl, you should know several features of her character. Estonia girls are often worried about what others might think of them.

Step-by-step guide to start dating estonian women

Because of this, they are often overly critical of themselves, which often le to low self-esteem. At the same time, they feel when a person by their side does not behave sincerely. A distinctive feature of Estonian women is their thirst for knowledge.

In this country, more than half of university students are girls.

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Sociologists even suggest that in the future, Estonian women will be better educated than their husbands. For every Estonian girl, meeting somebody is not just for fun. Hot Estonian women are very sensitive to dating foreign men.

A lot of foreign men also desire to marry Estonian brides because of their gorgeous appearance and notable personalities. These women love household men who know how to do everything and fix broken things at home on time. These ladies are perfect needlewomen and love when men present them hand-made items.

Flowers are always welcomed too. There are opinions that women of Estonia are dating and marrying foreign men because local men are not handsome enough.

Of course, this is a controversial statement. Cute, conservative, and feminist at the same time, beautiful Estonian women are often stronger than you might think, and they cannot see too much strength in local men. Thus, if you are a good-looking foreigner from a prosperous western country, you can try a chance for meeting and marrying an Estonian bride. Possible issues regarding a generation gap and cross-cultural misunderstanding do not scare Estonian women to build relationships with foreign men. Estonian women are distinguished by their aristocratic nature, inherent to most blondes.

They are usually well-mannered and live in estonian with the rules of European culture. Contemporary Estonian women are broad-minded, as they receive a good girl both in their own country and abroad. They are hard-working and focused on building a business career. These women are active in the labor market, and part-time employment is not very common in Estonia. Many connoisseurs of female beauty consider Estonian women young beautiful and slimmest ladies in Europe.

At the same time, they often have mouth-watering and curvy body forms. Estonia holds the record for the of top models per capita — more than 70 models fall on one million inhabitants.

Most beautiful Estonian women are natural blondes with light eyes, thick hair, pink cheeks, and perfect pale skin. However, you can meet hot Estonian girls with dark hair and hazel eyes in this country. Estonian girls do not fit the myths about European females who, as they say, never do makeup and do not wear high heels.

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In Estonia, women do all this, which does not prevent them from looking very attractive and independent. Women of Estonia observe national traditions and look great in national costumes.

Also, they are very romantic and love spending time in nature. Estonia girls often wear romantic-style clothes with floral prints and ruffles. It is not a cold Scandinavian style, but something warmer and more delicate. Every Estonian woman knows how to dress according to her style, taste, and national traditions. Today, these women have become more fashion-conscious.

They visit health-improving and anti-aging procedures more often, and this positively affects their appearance. Many of them prefer to buy dresses, although jeans do not disappear from their wardrobe. It all depends on young an Estonian girl is going and what the weather is like outside. For walking, they still choose more comfortable clothes and girls. Estonian women can be young seen not only in clothing boutiques but also in hairdressing salons. Mostly, Estonian ladies turn to hair dyeing in light colors. Their hair is naturally either straight or slightly wavy.

Both in terms of hairstyle and its estonian, Estonian women prefer more classic options. Estonian beauties most often opt for simple, natural hairstyles without creating bright and eye-catching looks. These women usually choose medium-length hair that does not require too much care.

Also, they love to get a beautiful and multi-colored manicure. Estonian girls usually leave their paternal houses and start an independent life earlier than the average ones in Europe. In Estonia, this usually happens at the age of 23, in Europe — girl young women are years old.

Over the past few years, Estonian women have become less inclined to marry early. On average, they get married and give birth to their first child at the age of Most often, local families have one or two children, and it is somewhat less compared to other European countries. Everything that happens in their families remains there and is never disclosed for estonian by outsiders.

They respect and care for their parents very much and try to maintain good relations with all relatives. Many local men especially value such qualities of Estonian women as a respectful attitude towards their spouses and willingness to support them in difficult times.

Also, all women living in this country have big and kind hearts. They often post pictures of missing pets on Facebook and sympathize with poor people in the whole world. Estonian women have an opportunity to travel, and you can meet them in different countries of the globe. You can try to meet a beautiful girl in Estonia. For that, you can visit many bars, pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs in this safe European country.