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Yahoo messenger chatting room, I am date yahoo that messengers chill

If you are a 90s kid, you must be well-aware of the Yahoo chat room service that started back then. Yahoo is the second leading search engine and service after Google; it comes in handy for ing as well as chatting.

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After Google, Yahoo came out to be the top search engine and service used by internet users. Yahoo Chat Rooms first came into existence on January 7,in the form of a public chat room service. It rapidly got so popular not only among Yahoo users but also attracted millions of people worldwide.

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Yahoo chat room has so many memories attached to it; kids back then were addicted to this online chat service and used to chat with people from different countries and nationalities. Moving further tothe chat room service renamed to Yahoo!

Messenger, however, inYahoo put a full stop to its chat room service for several undisclosed reasons. However, as per sources, the reason that came out to be Yahoo wanted to focus its sources on its future growth and even on certain products that are not getting proper attention but can prove fruitful in the future.

Introduction of yahoo chat rooms

Another reason behind taking this decision was Yahoo chat rooms were not receiving the required traffic due to the existence of similar chatting applications. When Yahoo Chat Room came to an end, Yahoo came up with another messenger service in i.

Yahoo Messenger that had all the features essential for a chat service and worked very well as a replacement of the chat room service. If we talk about the features that were there in Yahoo Messenger, everything was similar just like other instant messaging apps such as free text messages, images, emoticons, GIFs, and so on.

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It even offered the facility to undo the sent messages on messenger and chatting with a group of people. Yahoo Messenger was immensely loved by the chat room lovers and the features like VoIP, voic, video calling, Yahoo integration, Flickr Support, ability to chat with Facebook friends as well as in-chat YouTube streaming made Yahoo Messenger stand out among others.

It is an important feature so that you can easily correct your mistakes made while chatting. And you would be happier to know that Yahoo Messenger offered this option just like the one you get with Whatsapp these days but Yahoo Messenger had this feature a long time back.

Send interesting and fun GIFs to your family and friends to make the conversation more happening with Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo Messenger can not only be used on your computers but is also compatible with multiple other gadgets available out there.

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This made it easier to access your chats on the go and made it more convenient. Yahoo Messenger even allowed for chatting in groups. If you find people with the same interest, you can create a group and use it as a discussion forum. This feature can even help in managing your office work as you can create a group with your colleagues.

It was a major problem for Yahoo Messengers to continue with the fun in the absence of an internet connection. So the offline features offered by Yahoo came out as icing on the cake as users were allowed to attach files even when they were offline. Inon July 17, Yahoo Messenger taken down completely. Yahoo users were disappointed when they came to know about the discontinuation of its chat room service. Even if it came as a surprise to Yahoo users, it is common to take such an action by renowned companies like Yahoo to discontinue some of their unpopular services and focus their resources on those which can prove more beneficial to them in the future.

Every company will look for areas where there are more chances for growth rather than the ones that are not getting much acknowledgment. And that is what Yahoo did by putting an end to Yahoo chat room and messenger service to focus on other products and services.

Journey of yahoo messenger

So if you are looking for something that can fill the void created by Yahoo Chat Rooms, here I recommend you using the Get assist Chat Room that offers free chatting service to its users. Revealing the Truth.

Khushboo Chhibber. Last Updated October 12, January 18, Introduction of Yahoo Chat Rooms Yahoo Chat Rooms first came into existence on January 7,in the form of a public chat room service.

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