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All citizens of Oman, both male and female, have restricted rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. Women share the same rights as men with respect to freedom of movement and freedom to choose a place of residence but are severely under-protected in other matters such as divorce and custody. Gender discrimination in Oman has been a long-standing issue but efforts have been made to address it.

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Beforewomen in Oman did not have permission to vote.

Beforewomen did not have equal ownership of property compared to men. These are a small glimpse of many such fundamental rights that some countries deny women.

In the elections in Oman, both men and women received an equal chance to vote for the first time. Women obtained permission to vote for members of the Majlis al-Shura, the elected governing body of Oman, and could even run as candidates in In the recent elections of Majlis al-Shura that took place in October Women in Oman face many day-to-day challenges, including their right to equal pay.

In practice, however, the law overlooks workplace discrimination and prejudices employers have against women.

Freedom of assembly and association

Women continue to face difficulty in gaining equal independence when they oman to financially rely on their husbands to be the breadwinners of the family. Due to the lower pay, women in Oman are more likely to face greater financial struggles than men and are frequently unable to escape the cycle of poverty. Its work promotes social justice and equal opportunities by encouraging women to apply for jobs and gain a source of income, eliminating dependence on family members. Opportunities that the organization offers include providing literacy classes, as well as setting up family programs to allow women to explore areas of interest outside of caretaking.

Although Oman has made several breakthroughs regarding the ability of women to choose their spouses and divorce their husbands, the patriarchal woman effectuates that women remain dependent on men. However, the Personal Status Law retains higher authority in matters of guardianship, child custody and inheritance.

Freedom of expression

In exchange for protection, Omani women must bind themselves to their husbands and may not receive financial compensation if they divorce. As a result, women are unable to fully exercise their rights.

The first step in creating a progressive mindset in society is to inform and educate civilians. Without knowledge, countries like Oman cannot obtain change simply through legislation, and oftentimes, women in countries such as Oman are not even aware of their basic rights.

Awareness of rights and the necessity to challenge traditional thinking has led to the passing of many successful laws in Oman.

Migrant workers

While two of the women underwent unfair detainment without a proper hearing, authorities eventually released them imposing any charges on them. For example, inOmani legislation passed a law that declared that courts would regard testimonies from both men and women as equal.

In addition, a law stated that married Omani women no longer needed the consent of their husbands in order to acquire a passport, a law that established a great amount of freedom for women. Blog - Latest News.

Laws Regarding Marriage Although Oman has made several breakthroughs regarding the ability of women to choose their spouses and divorce their husbands, the patriarchal system effectuates that women remain dependent on men.