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Why is my ex still talking to me, Elite girl hunt Why boy still for chatting

Sometimes you can even remain on good terms and communicate regularly with your ex.

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Be sure to watch the video all the way through and then read the article below thoroughly to ensure you have the proper understanding of the situation in order to move forward toward being completely back together with the one you love. I often hear frustration from clients who tell me that they are broken up with someone but that the two of them still talk sometimes every daystill text, and still act like a couple. I also hear from coaching clients that it often seems that the other person is content to exist in this state of limbo.

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The world of dating can be tough to navigate, and breakups are even harder — especially if you're trying to move on from a past relationship.

You might be having a great week and feeling optimistic about your love life when, suddenly, you get a text from your ex and there goes that sense of closure. After getting that message, your first thought is probably: Why is my ex texting me? I mean, even if you asked them directly, you might not get the full picture.

My ex is talking about me does that mean they miss me?

Still, the heart wants what it wants — and, in this case, well, what it wants is some clarity. Similarly, a text from someone who broke your heart last week will mean something different than a text from an ex you dated years ago. However, if your former flame was the one who ended things with you, their intent might be more casual. According to Gandhi, they might be bored, miss you, or simply "feel guilty for breaking up with you.

Are you and your ex planning on staying friends?

Are you considering getting back together? What kind of topics are you willing to discuss?

How often would you like to stay in touch? According to Dr. Alexandra Solomonclinical assistant professor and staff therapist at Northwestern University and author of Loving Bravely: 20 Lessons of Self-Discovery to Help You Get the Love You Wanttexts from an ex might just mean that "the breakup was a fuzzy one. You can typically gauge whether your ex is fishing for some clarity or testing the boundaries of your new status as exes by the content of their message.

Broke up but still talking (and what to do about it)

Directionless, ambiguous texts blur the lines of your post-breakup relationship and, at the end of the day, are pretty much meaningless. Another red flag when it comes to communicating with your ex is late-night conversations.

Gandhi recommends taking note of the time of day they reach out. Any text past 10 p.

Why does my ex keep texting me if they didn’t want to be with me?

Again, it all depends on the context and content of their message. So, messages explicitly saying that they have regrets about the split or that they want to see you should be taken at face value — barring your ex having a history of manipulative behavior.

Solomon suggests. It could also open up a conversation about what you both want, need, and expect from one another. Plus, that pressure could be getting in the way of you actually feeling chill and drama-free. Asking your ex to clarify their messages is a completely valid request. Confusion is the last thing you need when you're trying to heal from a past relationship, and you both deserve to know where you stand with each other.

9 reasons for why an ex will text you after a breakup

You might be holding out hope that they want to rekindle the relationship, but you also might consider this chapter closed. If you know you want to move onMacLynn says texting your ex back is fine long as you make "your intentions clear.

But, at that point, the texts should probably end. Constant communication with an ex you have no interest in can be confusing, and it can prevent closure for you both. Solomon says.

10 s your ex is becoming interested again

So if you're looking to get over your old boo and move on with your life, regular contact isn't the way to start the healing process. Gandhi even says that a harsher message may be in order, especially if your ex is not getting the hint.

She recommends sending something like, "Please respect my wishes, and please don't contact me. But if the texts continue to come in, the block feature exists for a reason. Getting a text from your ex is always going to throw you off a little bit. It might make you emotional and upset, or it may just surprise you.

Here's why your ex might still text you sometimes

And although certain clues can be deciphered from your ex's text messages, keep in mind that if someone wants to be with you, they'll probably make it clear. At the end of the day, you have to prioritize your emotional wellbeing — whether that means responding to the text and asking them for clarification or leaving them on read and hitting block. You do you, but remember, the more time you spend texting your ex, the less time you have to text someone new.

Samantha Rodmanpsychologist. Bela Gandhipresident at Smart Dating Academy.

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