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What does a messy house mean, Mean chica house for messy for fucked

Whether you were a little kid who just couldn't be bothered to clean your room unless told to do so, a college student who let things slip whenever a big paper or exam rolled around, or an adult who sometimes leaves dishes in the sink, chances are, you've made or ignored a mess. Normally, you might not think that this means anything other than that you're short on time. And that can, in fact, be all there is to it.

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Clutter and mess in the home has a direct impact on our mood, reveals a new study. Is your home clean and tidy or cluttered and disorganised? And do you feel stressed about maintaining a clean home?

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Inside: Why we moms need to stop obsessing over whether or not our home is tidy — a messy house could be a of intelligence and creativity! My friend waved her hand, gesturing to her living room that looked like…well…a regular living room.

There was a blanket tossed over the armrest of the couch. There was a stack of mail on the table. A big dog trotted over, tail wagging and fur flying. How does she find time to clean every room every day? How is it possible that there are NO toys on the floor…anywhere? Does anyone even live here?? Au contraire mama — I see your messy house and I feel at home.

I know that someone lives here. I know that you, like me, are doing the best you can, and not always getting everything done.

Here’s why messy house equals messy mind

And that is SO much more important to me than whether or not your house looks magazine perfect at all times. But at any given time there will be toys scattered around the room, dishes in the sink, and laundry in a basket waiting to be folded. And with three kids and a full-time career, I just have to be ok with that. It took me a while to get here. Those are the only people who might glimpse my living room on a day-to-day basis. The shag rug in the middle of our floor?

That rug is where our two youngest daughters learned to crawl. The bookshelves in our living room are crammed with our favorite books and magazines — stuffed into every nook and cranny. There are candles, picture frames, photo albums, and kids crafts. Those bookshelves hold our memories, and I smile every time I glance up at them from the couch. My Grandpa built it for me as a little girl and it makes my heart burst to see my girls treasure it too. Speaking of My Little Ponies, we have at least 50 of them.

Those faded ponies with the ratty tails? And the brightly colored ones with giant cartoon eyes, well those will be vintage too in about 20 years.

And ALL of those ponies encourage my girls to let their imaginations run wild. Just in case you still need a little more convincing, there is quite a bit of evidence that shows a correlation between a messy house and intelligence.

Some of the theories include:. Interestingly, I had the pleasure of attending a speech by Randi Zuckerberg — you might recognize the last name from her famous brother, but Randi is a super successful woman in her own right.

In fact, a study published in Psychology Today shows that a messy space encourages creativity and outside-the-box thinking. Your messy house means that you and your kids are smart, creative thinkers who are living life, and not just picking up after it. So mama, stop worrying about the mess and start making memories. Affiliate links provided for your convenience; disclosure policy available here.

Kelly is a friend and colleague whose work has changed the lives of countless families. Her new e-book shares the recipe to:. What r u teaching ur children? I had 3 kids under 4 and kept it neat. Nothing smart or creative about a messy house.

It’s science: a messy house is actually a of intelligence and creativity

They were favorites of all of ours, which is why we collected them. Thank you Judy. It is pure laziness, and providing a shared shaming of clean mothers by the numerous filthy mothers who use anything possible to justify their lack of care for their surroundings. A clean, safe home is incredibly important. We all have different situations — some moms have more time for housekeeping than others. More time with them less time worrying about how perfect everything must be.

You teach them to be transparent and not fake. What are you teaching your children? Yeah, I am sorry but it actually shows laziness, lack of problem solving skills, and poor time management, and the inability to prioritize. Shaming clean people is ignorant.

Does a cluttered and messy home make us unhappy?

It is simply that some people find cleanliness more important to others. While I cared for my premie alone, three pets, and took 10 college classes with approval from my school counselor I still kept my home clean. This meant that I prioritized some things over others and regardless of my extreme fatigue still took the time to provide my child with a clean, safe home.

There were days I barely slept, days I had no time to shower but I still kept a clean home.

It is always ready for a surprise visit and I keep it show ready. My son has learned to be clean as well. There is nothing fake about not wanting to live in filth. Hi Bubbles, it sounds like you definitely made some sacrifices during that time. With a baby in the house and two other kids, plus running a full-time business, I completely relate to the days where showers are tough to squeeze in and sleep is non-existent.

None of us are perfect, and that is ok.

When my sister and I were young my mother always wanted us to go outside. We were never allowed to play in the house, to get our toys out or play with dolls because that created a mess. I remember after I got married mother told me to come and get my things out of the attic that I wanted to keep. She had the Salvation Army coming to pick things up she no longer wanted. So I trudge over to mothers to go through things, half of my childhood toys were still in their boxes. After all it is their house too.

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You only have them for a short time then they are gone. Knock yourself out cleaning when your family has their own life, then you can invite the president for dinner.

We had dinner together every night, had baths, clean clothes, homework done and all activities attended. Saturdays we did laundry, cleaned house and prepared for the next week. If they did that was their problem, after all it was my house. I think the article had great advice, pick your battles in this busy life, your family comes first above all things.

This is like the story in the bible about Mary was getting mad because everyone was listening to Jesus instead of helping her cook. And Jesus told her she was the one who missed out. I vowed to be a more involved parent than what I knew growing up. My point is, my kids come first. If they have soccer practice or a game 4x week, I am there because not only am I a true soccer mom, but I coach BOTH of their teams with my husband. When that school project needs completing, I am in floor cutting paper with them.

When homework is difficult, I am helping break it down to make it easier to understand. My husband and I both work full time jobs, I sometimes put in hrs a week. I agree with you wholeheartedly! My five kids are within eight years of each other and I admit that my being with them when they were young and also keeping myself sane with my creative efforts was my priority. It was never spotless or even tidy, but the dishes and the laundry got done and I made dinner every night. They were there to be with me, not judge my home. Those are the friends I love!

I see this being shared on social media by different moms.

Ditch the dust-collectors…

Most of them do that only to justify their pure laziness. And deep inside they are so jealous of clean homes and sick and tired of tripping over their kids stuff and staring at piles of laundry every day.

Clutter is mentally exhausting! WE, as a family, work together to keep our home clean.

We pick up after ourselves and after we are done, we make our own memories in our clean home. My kids will remember clean table, always ready to eat at or to spread their paints and paper on. Clean floors, not sticky, always ready for a board game or a yoga session.

Here's what a messy room can tell you about your mental health

They wont remember searching for favorite clothing in piles of dirty rags on the floor. They will learn to be proud of their homes. So go ahead, make yourself feel better! A of creativity. Or executive function issues. Or depression. Or laziness.

It could mean any of a of things. I understand this post is a couple months old….