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Toyota camry hybrid battery cost, Camry cost boy Toyota battery chasity

Hybrid Batteries are extremely expensive. They recoup energy through regenerative braking and store energy in a massive battery pack. When that battery pack dies, what is the best option?

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Many of the people who choose to buy a hybrid car do so for the excellent fuel economy associated with these vehicles, which is dependent on the hybrid battery. Hybrid cars will recover energy via regenerative braking, and then store that energy in their included battery packs. Unfortunately, the cost of any course of action will likely be high.

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A Melbourne-based firm will commence a scalable hybrid battery remanufacturing exchange program, giving owners of Toyota and Lexus hybrids as well as those from other carmakers in the near future an inexpensive option of restoring their battery pack back to full. Expected to be made available publicly sometime between May and July this year, and supported by a federal government grant linked to its Advanced Manufacturing Fund and available throughout Australia, the company behind the venture is Injectronics, which is part of the Innovative Mechatronics Group IMG and a leading supplier of new and remanufactured — as well as repairer of — automotive electronic components.

The venture gives battery packs a second life that would otherwise have been discarded, potentially saving tens of thousands of older hybrid vehicles as well as their toxic wastes associated with battery technology from the crusher.

It also extends their lives well beyond the industry-standard eight-year warranty period in the case of earlier models. However, only Toyota hybrids with Nickel-Metal-Hydride NiMH batteries qualify for restoration for the time being, meaning basically the PriusCamry and Corollaas well as most corresponding Lexus petrol-electric hybrids. The market potential grew from 13, in to over 16, this year, while forecasts suggest that by that will exceed 23, replacements annually. Note that the long-lived Prius V seven-seater people mover uses the more complex lithium-ion battery chemistry, which will come on stream at a later date yet to be confirmed.

Don’t buy a prius or camry hybrid battery (until you read this)

While Injectronics undertakes all of the restoration work, the battery pack removal and fitment will be carried out by outside agents, though each accredited repairer — be it a local mechanic or a large Toyota dealer — will have to have passed stringent guidelines relating to the handling and safety of these very high-voltage units.

This process is still being undertaken. It has been identified that sometimes only one or two battery cells fail, rendering the entire hybrid battery pack faulty or even non-functional. This solution isolates and then tests each cell individually, and either repairs or replaces the ones with issues as required, keeping costs at bay.

My hybrid battery died – is it better to repair or replace it?

Owners of Toyota and Lexus hybrids will now have an inexpensive option of restoring their battery packs. Owners of other, non-Toyota NiMH-battery pack-powered hybrid electric vehicles, including Honda with models such as the InsightJazzCivic and Accord hybridscan also employ this service, as the technology relating to the battery cell restoration process is essentially the same.

Building up stocks right now, Injectronics will have a bank of remanufactured hybrid battery packs ready for exchange as required by the middle of this year, and is gearing up to averaging around 10 to 12 battery pack remanufacturing jobs per day once everything is up and running.

Mr Ricciuti added that — as an Australian-first hybrid battery remanufacturing exchange program on this national level — it will bring the cost of green-car ownership down.

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Potentially huge savings for toyota hybrid owners: aussie exchange program slashes battery replacement costs for corolla, camry and rav4 hybrids

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