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The best way to take magic mushrooms, Thai way magic guy The best

So, you live in Denver or Oaklandthe first two US cities to enact ificant psilocybin reform in recent months. Or, maybe you live in one of the new states or cities that are considering decriminalizing magic mushrooms. Regardless, if you know anything about these fantastic fungal morsels, you know they taste kinda gross.

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People have fallen severely ill or even died from eating a poisonous mushroom. Magic mushrooms are often sold raw or dried. In the UK, the most common types are liberty caps Psilocybe semilanceata and fly agaric Amanita muscaria. For example, the fly agaric mushroom is usually more potent than the liberty cap mushroom. Liquid psilocybin is another way of taking magic mushrooms.

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Heat the water to a rolling boil. Add the shrooms and wait until the mushrooms have sunk all the way to the bottom ; this may take up to an hour.

Do not boil the shrooms for more than an hour, the potency will be severely reduced. Pour the liquid and the shrooms in the wide mouth mason jar.

Put the lid on and shake it up, this helps the mushrooms sink faster, making your tea ready faster. Stirring the tea also makes the tea ready sooner. Breaking up the dry mushrooms into a fine powder makes the bits of stems and caps sink faster. Drink the tea along with all of the shrooms that have floated to the bottom.

The 5 best ways to consume magic truffles and mushrooms

It will bring you up fast into a trip, but it may not be as intense overall. This method is great for anyone who is looking to mask the taste. Crush your magic mushrooms up while in the bag.

Make your favorite smoothie, add the shrooms then pulse the blender a couple of times so that it mixes well. For an easier route, simply get your favorite kind of juice; orange juice, any naked juice, etc.

Drink a little then add the crushed up shrooms and shake the bottle up. Drink and enjoy. The body absorbs liquids quicker which may result in a quicker come up. Lemon tek refers to letting your dose of psilocybin mushrooms sit in lemon or lime juice before consumption—essentially cooking them as the citric acid starts to break down the mushroom material.

Making it shorter and stronger than chewing on dried fungi.

The best ways to take shrooms

The old fashioned way to ingest Magic Mushrooms. Make sure to chew them very well so that your stomach has an easier time breaking down the magic from the mushrooms. Feel free to chase the taste with whatever drink you prefer.

Microdosing psychedelics is a growing trend that involves ingesting very small sub-hallucinogenic amounts of substances like psilocybin-containing mushrooms. The most commonly benefits are : improved mood, increased focus and enhanced creativity, and let people see new concepts, ideas, and understand abstract concepts in a different way.

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