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Thai massage brothel, I brothel somebody Thai massages chatlines

Environmental officials say the illegal tapping of water contributes to the sinking of Bangkok, a low-lying city built on the banks of the Chaophraya river. Thai police are checking dozens of Bangkok mega-brothels to see if they are illegally siphoning off groundwater for "soapy massages" offered to clients that may be contributing to the gradual sinking of the capital.

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Victoria Police reveal that massage shops illegally offering sexually services are prevalent throughout Melbourne and Victoria. While being serious about cracking down on these disguised massage shops, the police say they are more concerned about the welfare of the vulnerable people working in these places than enforcing moral values on anyone. According to Project Respect, a not-for-profit organisation providing support for women in the sex industry and women trafficked for sexual exploitation, there are around illegal brothels in Melbourne. Read the full online investigation here: Happy Endings. Even though the staff in such businesses come from a wide range of countries, people from South East Asia are heavily represented in those shops. But the real issues underneath can range from public health issues relating to STIs, to the lack of appropriate safety standards for workers at illegal brothels, and exploitation of workers.

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To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewerand support Mumsnet. A work colleague went on holiday to Thailand and mentioned how much she enjoyed the traditional massage she had over there so I mentioned that there's a place near me that does them and why doesn't she go there for another. She laughed and asked didn't I realise that Thai massage parlours are brothels?

'the majority of illegal brothels are massage shops' say police

Am I completely naive? If I wandered in one Saturday afternoon would they look at me like I was insane? Do people actually visit them for traditional massage or is it really all hand-jobs and pearl necklaces or whatever goes on in brothels? Enlighten me. Generally, no they aren't.

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They are for actual massages. Is your friend normally casually racist?

There is a [non-Thai] massage place in my neck of the woods that advertises its services with the message "Strictly no extras". It took me a long time to work out that this ifies it is a genuine massage parlour, rather than one offering "extra services". There is one by where I live and I have wondered. Only due to the fact that we went to a restaurant nearby on a Sunday evening about 8pm'ishand it was open then, which I thought was a bit odd.

Well, the two Thai places near where I used to live definitely weren't. Yes massage is very often a code for other more specialised services. As is French polishing. All a bit 'Carry On', really, but used for things like small in newsagents which would never be displayed if explicit.

Bangkok's biggest massage parlour brothel poseidon is set to become a hotel after covid

A good friend of mine is from Bangok. She runs a bar and restaurant in our town.

The of times I have heard rumours that she is operating a brothel or a strip club from her premises is unreal. It's overt racism but when you challenge people they just shrug it off as a joke, they see it as harmless amusement. I am staggered by it on a daily basis. There are two near me that definitely aren't.

They also do reflexology and threading. This is reminding me of a really old thread from years ago, when an OP found a payment to a thai massage parlour on her DH's credit card statement, and a huge debate ensued, which was only ended when she posted the massage of the place, and someone went there to ask for a massage to see what would happen. Turned out it was just a massage place I'm seeing those old yellow s in a completely different light I genuinely never knew that.

I've been to 2 near my home. Definitely just massage parlours! It's French phnerr, phnerr and either brothel or oral. To 'Carry On' the theme, it's sometimes advertised alongside a larger chest. See also O thai and A level practice. Well I have just googled the Thai massage place by mine and one of the links is to UKpunting where men have reviewed their 'happy endings', so I guess that answers my question, but I don't imagine every Thai massage place is operating as anything other than a massage parlour.

Actually feel a bit sick after reading it. They way they talk about the women is just horrid. The odd massage parlour will be a brothel or at least offer "optional extras". Not all of them though. Thai massage is a particular style of massage, I'd expect a Thai massage parlour to be offering that and then the usual hot stone sort of ones. Not hand jobs. It seems to be pretty mixed in my area. Some of the Thai massage parlours are very obviously brothels and some obviously aren't.

Thai massage

The ones that aren't, nearly always make it clear on their adverts with the words "This is not a sexual service". There was a massage parlour opposite our office not thai in name so we got plenty of time to study the clientele we worked long hours. Exclusively male. Short lunchtime visits were popular. The girls who worked there never popped out for lunch.

To ask if thai massage parlours in the uk

I don't get how the men knew what it was and how no women wondered in there by accident, nothing in the that would have suggested to me it offered extra services. I would now assume any massage parlour in this country is dodgy. My colleague called the police.

They visited but didn't di anything. A while later she called the anti slavery hotline, and they sent in police and social workers concern the girls were underage and it was shut down. I meant to say OP. If you google Thai massage 'therapist' or 'therapy', you might stand a better change of bringing up the legitimate ones.

The men probably knew what it was from internet advertising and maybe some women did wonder in off the streets. The 'extras' are generally optional, rather than compulsory so technically they could still have had a 'normal' massage if they wanted I suppose Probably safer to stick with a health spa though.

Some of them are but certainly not all. I go to one and can confirm I have never paid for or received sex. I've just found an archived add for it and it does say 'we massage any massage you like' so I guess that was a giveaway Honestly though worra we were on constant brothel-watch, no woman wondered in there ever, and it was in the town.

Well, a friend of mine went for a massage in a Thai parlour near the red light area of our city. She went in, was shown to a room with the proper massage table, scented candles etc and had a fantastic massage. She raved about it so much that her husband thought he'd have thai. He went into the shop, was shown into a room that had just a bare matress on the floor He walked out very So I brothel it depends on the location probably?

Bagsy I think women are probably more cautious and would phone to check in advance. Already have a Mumsnet ?

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What it's like to work in a swedish thai massage parlor

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