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Where did you get your education about how to have a satisfying sex life or for that matter a loving relationship? Your family? The Internet? As a culture we have woefully undervalued the need for highly personalized education on how to have loving relationships and satisfying sex lives. This is guidance we are supposed to get from our families… or maybe the Internet. Yeah, how did that work out?

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Birds do it, bees do it, so how hard could it be, right?

Excited to be facilitating 3 classes this time and another beautiful SoulPlay weekend of workshops, dancing, and community fun! Tickets on Sale now! Gather with your priestess sisters for this day of nourishment, laughter, connection, embodiment, and activation!

We will share a cacao ceremony, sacred songs, breathwork, and triad massages to get you juiced up and overflowing in your feminine nature. Come play! Back About Ritual. Back What is Tantra? The Evolution of Sexuality Imagine a world where everyone feels safe to express their sexuality, where touch and connection are abundant, where boundaries and needs are honored, and each person gets to discover the true power and profound sacredness of intimacy. As a path of sacred sexuality, Tantra is about awakening to your full potential as a sexual being.

As you learn to listen to the wisdom of the body, to touch the depths of the heart and to ignite the holy fires of your erotic passion, you will experience new dimensions of your own aliveness, your embodiment, and ever more fulfilling lovemaking with those you cherish. At Ritual Tantra, our mission is to illuminate a new paradigm of sexual relating based on love, respect, and celebration. Together we are healing the collective wounds of the past and discovering what it means to live a truly spirited and sexy life.

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Welcome to Ritual! Embody the Sacred.

Slowing down, tuning in, you find so much to feel, so much to celebrate about another human being, endless dimensions of beauty… Tantra invites you to revel in the mystical joy of intimate connection, and then go beyond it to discover your connection with all of life. Upcoming Events.

The Honey Hive will be a virtual community of up to 30 lovers and partners committed to cultivating exquisite love and intimacy within a circle of like minded couples. During our time together we will emphasize practice and connection, with carefully chosen opportunities for teaching and coaching. Click H ERE for more info and registration.

Past Events. Come get a taste of the honey and learn if you're ready to take your relationship to the next level! for more info and registration.

You'll get to feel wildly alive in your body and connect with that creative, vibrant flow within yourself, inviting more joy and fun into your lives! Space is limited and this event will sell out!


Reconnect with fellow SoulPlay goers or meet new friends. Come drop into your body, open your heart and let your true self-play among kindred souls.

I will be facilitating a Playful Connection Ceremony for everyone to enjoy around 9pm. Come dance and play and pray with us as cacao ceremony meets ecstatic embodiment. His medicine beats can take you deeply inward, and open you up to be in true contact with your community. Held at a gorgeous mansion in the Oakland Hills with a snuggle zone, tea lounge and hot tub! Learn more.

Tantric Intimacy for Couples Mon, August 5th pm Oakland, CA Learning the basics of Tantra together is the perfect way to renew your love and to take your partnership into new depths! Drawing on years of study, I have crafted a simple Tantric Ritual especially for couples, to have something glorious to share with one another this beautiful evening and for the months and years to come.

Space is limited! SoulPlay Festival June th I'm honored and jazzed to be asked to come back to facilitate my special brand of sensual magic at this year's SoulPlay Festival.

: where sexy meets sacred :

It's happening on June th out in the gorgeous Sierra mountains. This festival is always a wonderfully nurturing time of community connection, playful embodiment, dance and sensuality, so many great presenters and events, and on there's a pool and hot tub!!

You're going to get all of that in this dynamic weekend event! Learn More.

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Tantric Lovemaking Come learn the basics of Tantric Lovemaking: how to create sacred space with your beloved, let go of goals and drop into the moment, and access new dimensions of pleasure and connection through breath and intention. Come alone or with a partner. Ignite Your Body Temple! Celebrating the Feminine Gather with your priestess sisters for this day of nourishment, laughter, connection, embodiment, and activation!

Address. Up. It is such a joy to watch them transform their lives through embracing their sensual nature with power, presence, and love.

Upcoming events

As I have moved through my own past conditioning and shame around my sensuality, I have been free to be more alive, more embodied, and more human. I welcome you to me on this delightful and profound path of discovery. Learn More about my Private Work.