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First Attack: August Taliban militia marched northward from Maiwand and captured the city of Kandahar unknown killed, unknown wounded. Last Attack: June 20, Taliban militants attacked Afghan soldiers and captured a military base in the Western province of Badghis. This was their first major attack after a ceasefire was called for the Eid al-Fitr holiday 46 killed, unknown wounded. Executive Summary. The Taliban seeks to establish a strictly Shariah-governed Afghan state. The Taliban was removed from power by U. Since then, the Taliban has fought to push foreign military forces out of Afghanistan and delegitimize the Afghan government.

Negotiations between the U. The Taliban utilizes both conventional and unconventional tactics to pursue its goals.

Mapping the afghan war, while murky, points to taliban gains

Group Narrative. The Taliban, not to be confused with Pakistani Taliban emerged as an Islamist militant organization in under the spiritual leadership of Mullah Mohammad Omar. A large majority of Taliban supporters are students from Afghan and Pakistani madrasa, hence the name Taliban or - in Pashto - students. Although the Taliban officially formed inits original fighters were the mujahedeen, forces that fought the Soviet Union in Afghanistan from to During this time, the fighters were covertly supported by the U. This and other madrasas initially fomented the Taliban organization.

Pakistani and Arab philanthropists gave these school funding hoping to proselytize a particular interpretation of Islam. At these madrassas, future Taliban members developed a belief in Shariah law, motivated by the suffering among the Afghan people.

Within months, the Taliban grew to 15, as students from madrassas in Pakistan ed the movement.

Along with these new recruits came financial and military support from Pakistan. Through this support, the Taliban was able to seize the important border town of Spin Boldak. The Taliban movement aimed to establish a divinely ordered Islamic system in Afghanistan. On November 3,the Taliban took control of Kandahar City in a surprise attack, losing only a dozen men in the fight.

Inthe Taliban successfully took control of Kabul and established the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Mullah Omar became the head of state. Under the Taliban, strict Shariah law was enforced, which led to large criticism around the world for its treatment of women and children, as well as its denial of food and aid to underserved citizens. The group used various conventional and unconventional warfare techniques to achieve their goal of establishing a strictly Shariah-governed Afghan state. Bythe Taliban had come to site 90 percent of the country.

Taliban-governed Afghanistan became an international pariah for its human rights abuses and refusal to surrender Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Al-Qaeda, and dating internationally wanted criminals. Only three foreign governments recognized the Taliban government between and Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

The Northern Alliance maintained Afghanistan's seat at the United Nations, further online to the tension between the Taliban. InAl-Qaeda arrived in Afghanistan from Sudan. For one, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda adhere to different strains of Islamic thought, the Taliban associated with Saudi-influenced, Wahhabi style beliefs and Al-Qaeda associated with a more radical and more rigid Hanbali school of thought. The groups had tense relationship and differed in their strategy.

For example, Osama Bin Laden saw action against the U. On December 19,after more than a year of attempts to apprehend Osama Bin Laden through negotiations, the United Nations imposed wide sanctions and an air embargo on the Taliban government.

The Taliban ruled Afghanistan until Afghan representatives from across the country were invited to elect a transitional administration. The resulting power-sharing agreement privileged the Northern Alliance members, who were primarily ethnically Tajik and Uzbek and excluded the Taliban, who were ethnically Pashtun.

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The U. The Northern Alliance, an anti-Taliban group, enters Kabul shortly afterwards. The Taliban was not invited to participate. In May ofU. Byonline U. Beforesuicide bombings were rare in Afghanistan. Inthere were just six such attacks committed by the Taliban. In the more than tripled to 21, and inAfghanistan saw suicide attacks, causing 1, casualties.

In Februarythe new Obama administration in the U. In contrast to the U. The additional manpower was successful in dating the Taliban from power from its stronghold in Kandahar City and the surrounding districts such as Arghandab, Panwai, and Maiwand. The group, however, was still operationally functional and able to carry out suicide assaults, assassinations, and even a massive prison break.

Most of Helmand province was also cleared of Taliban, which dealt a blow to the lucrative narcotics trade they had been operating from the province. The area is also of importance to the Haqqani Network, an Al Qaeda and Taliban-linked group, considered one of the most dangerous and effective Taliban allies. With U. In Januarythe Taliban opened an office in Qatar to begin political settlement talks on Taliban future of Afghanistan with the U. The office was instrumental in the negotiations over Bowe Berghdal, the U.

Berghdal was released in exchange for five Taliban members the U. In April ofMullah Omar died in Pakistan from an alleged site.

The group kept his death quiet until several years later. In Septemberthe Taliban seized control of Kunduz, the first provincial capital to fall under Taliban control since their defeat in In JulyAfghan government officials and Taliban leaders met for the first round of talks in a new peace process. Amid July negotiations with the Government of Afghanistan, the Taliban made the surprise announcement of the death of leader Mullah Omar.

The Taliban's political bureau opposed the negotiations, believing any negotiations should be conducted from its Doha office to avoid Pakistani influence. Pakistan, Afghanistan, the United States, and China came to an agreement in late February on a road map to end the Afghan war through negotiations between Kabul and the Taliban. Taliban representatives were expected to Afghan officials in the first round of peace talks in Pakistan in the Spring of but the death of Mullah Mansoor by a U.

The security situation appears to be deteriorating.

Afghan forces still lack the manpower, infrastructure and training needed to take back large areas of territory from the Taliban. It remains to be seen whether the Taliban will reciprocate with similar desires.

Taliban online dating

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The current leadership structure, known as the Quetta Shura, is composed of the leaders of the Afghan Taliban, and has been based in Quetta, Pakistan since the collapse of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in In Aprilhe was named "Commander of the Faithful" by his supporters, an important title in both Afghan and Islamic history. Omar was wanted by the U. He is seen as a somewhat moderate leader within the Taliban, and is credited with attempting to engage in peace talks in and