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Smart ass test, Ass girl pick Smart especially for test

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Discussion in ' Off Topic ' started by Korgex12Dec 26, MassiveCraft Forums. Tags: another tag bleh clever derp smartass tags are fun test.

30+ funny test answers that put the ‘smart’ in ‘smartass’

Multiple votes are allowed. ed: May 24, Messages: 2, Likes Received: 1, Try answering the questions with the most smartass answer you can think of. I'll give you a score on how clever your answer is. Describe yourself in three words.

These hysterical kids’ test answers are too brilliant to handle

What ended in ? Fill the blank with one of the following words. After a while, I'll go ahead and post example answers for the questions with more than one possible answer. Or at least more than one that I can think of. Like x 1. ed: Sep 1, Messages: 14, Likes Received: 8, ed: Sep 19, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 6, Dis is easy 1. The man pet the dog.

You don't abandon or lick dogs 4. This test 6. Racism 7. In America, duh 8. Take centi out of meters 9. Uglier She's blind af. ed: Jun 22, Messages: 8, Likes Received: 8, Sarcastic, mean, edgierthen MrSpideyPool 2.

Write an example of a risk. Being friends with Spidey 6. What do we call the science of classifying living things?

Something only nerds do 7. Where was the American Declaration of Independence ed? Philadelphia 8. To change centimeters to meters you Describe how you'll look in years. Dead Miranda can't see anything when she looks through her microscope.

The smartass test

Explain why. ed: May 14, Messages: Likes Received: I'm too lazy to do this Agree x 1. ed: Sep 8, Messages: 4, Likes Received: 2, I'll give it a shot I guess. How about four words. A non-leap-year streak. Abandoned Licked The man ate the dog. RPG classes. Somewhere 8.

Ruthlessly cut it in half to get rid of the "centi. A rotting corpse. She slammed her face into it and injured eye. ed: Jun 19, Messages: Likes Received: Averycreative individualwithout muchofalife. The question mark. The man words the dog. I'm dead though.

On the paper. Take centi out. She's got the cover on, or there's actually just nothing there. ed: Jul 7, Messages: Likes Received: My will to live.

Also, nice work ripping this from a pretty normie meme. The man one of the following words the dog. Wrote it.

30 brilliant test answers from smartass kids

Want me to type it? Boring tbh fam 7. America 8. Well, hopefully I'll be dead long before then. Skeletal, if that's still there I guess. She had a horrific acid attack at the age of 10 after becoming a disgrace to her family because she held hands with a boy, leaving her blinded.

Thank You! Optimistic x 1. Doing this on my phone. I'm Future Bleh I am groot 2. The man stared at the dog since he was a cat person. I'm a cat person 4.

Peoplezzz 7. Throw centi in the trash can while I'm in another trash can. She is trying to look through metal Aka she is forever blind. ed: Sep 24, Messages: Likes Received: Reckless, Intimidating, Funny???? Licked 4.

Talking back to your teacher when they're clearly wrong but can also send you to the office???? I don't care, I'm Canadian. Her finger is covering the glass, smh.

83 smartass kids who will go far in life

ed: Feb 1, Messages: 2, Likes Received: 6, I am a rebel 2. I believe it's called a moron test 7. Agree x 1 Informative x 1. ed: Feb 11, Messages: 2, Likes Received: I was there, inside three words, it was scary and dark.

The year of ended. Abandoned Licked The man one of the following words the dog. Winner x 2. ed: Jan 31, Messages: Likes Received: Please kill me 2. The man one of the following words. The dog.