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As a woman who went prematurely gray in her 30s, I have watched with interest as gray hair has become a fashion statement for both young and older, and men and women alike. Women who wear their hair gray today are not the crones of old, but are trendy, fashionable, and chic. Hayek wearing gray hair should not even be a story, but in the movie industry, a woman with gray hair usually used to be limited to either an unsexy villain or a grandmother.

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in. Grey hair is often associated with wisdom, knowledge, experience and of course a Zen kind of disposi t ion, well, for the men at least. For women, society has conditioned us to believe that our grey hairs are not beautiful, but that they make us look older.

This is why we rush to the beauty salon and dye it all the way back as soon as any silver lining appears. Dyeing your hair is great at first. However, it comes with a price, or prices more like. Hair dye is expensive, and the procedure needs to be repeated every few months or weeks just to maintain its tint. Hence, so much money is literally going down the drain once you become invested in hair dye. Next, the hair dyeing procedure does take up a long time 2—5 hours for some.

This is very valuable time you can spend doing something more productive: like grocery shopping or just resting. Dyed hair also needs a lot of maintenance which takes up even more time, effort, consistency and a whole lot of products.

Ever wondered why your hair looks or feels thinner after every dye session?

Dyes and colors are all made of synthetic chemicals which cause hair damage. This is where the thinning and breakage comes from. Regardless of this, and contrary to societal pressures and opinions, grey hair is actually very sexy on females.

Picture this, an older, mature woman sitting in a bar, head full of grey luscious hair, wearing nothing but a black dress and red lipstick. Your grey hair is your power and repressing it only robs you of the opportunity of unlocking that power. Grey hair can be stemmed from genetics. Grey hair is a unique symbol regardless of its diagnosis. On Younger women, it gives them a hint of mystery which is incredibly sexy. On mature women, it gives them an experienced and well-versed sophistication which only heightens their perceived class.

Pyyntöäsi ei voi käsitellä

Now, as a confidence booster, women all over the world from various backgrounds, cultures, religions, and ethnicities are starting to embrace their natural grey hair. This hair is in all its different textures. These women include celebrities, activists, politicians, etc. This is the season for empowerment in females and apart from equal rights, equal pay and constant misogyny battles we fight. Hence, our ability to wear our hair however we want is just as important.

As a bit of inspiration and an empowerment outlet, a certain Instagram was founded with this sole purpose in mind. To bring positivity, confidence, and sexiness to women who choose to embrace their natural gray roots. With over k followers, you can say the is shedding the light on the beauty of going grey.

Your hair, your power

Hence, creating an Instagram to showcase and celebrate natural beauty is very empowering for different generations. Back to the sexiness. Grey hair is incredibly sexy for a lot of reasons. Thus, it increases the market value of such a person. Grey hair is sexy because it has a certain mystery behind it. We guess you can say grey is the new blonde, or whatever color you had on before.

It could be the fact that they seem to have everything under control and not in the motherly kind of way. Such women look happier, freer and just less bothered. Aging is something a lot of women fret about. The changes in texture hence being comfortable enough to rock your natural hair eliminates those pressures. Thus, making such a woman glow from the inside, all the way out.

These and many more are reasons why grey hair is very sexy in women.

Why you shouldn’t dye your hair

On the downside, these women are spending valuable time, money, and effort only to recover hair damage in the nearest future. But, on the plus side, they are helping to normalize the grey-haired look while breaking its associated stereotypes. Women love to feel comfortable. They love to grey in control, covered and well within their comfort zones. Your natural hair is your comfort zone. In cases like this, an inspiration would go a long way just as a reminder to never stop shining.

These women have all been seen rocking grey to silver hair at different chapters of their lives. These powerful and highly influential women have come hair to show young girls and women of this generation that not only can you rock grey hair, but you can also even be sexy in it. Going up this ladder, you can be beautiful, elegant, and anything you want to be but most importantly you can be yourself in your sexy grey hair. The message is a powerful one and it should not be ignored. Grey hair in men is often appreciated while that in women is less vivified. Regardless of the societal induced stereotypes about grey-haired women, you can still be as sexy as you want to be in it.

All you need to do is to style your natural women however you see fit and prepare to be worshiped like the goddess you are. Remember, just do you, the world will adapt. Get started. Open in app.

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