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Download discussion questions for your book club. Or do you think making friends is as easy now or easier than it was when you were a kid? How has social media Facebook, Twitter, blogs affected your friendships and the way you make new friends? Or do you think your spouse could be and maybe should be your best friend forever? Or do you believe in quality over quantity? If yes, what were the circumstances?

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Josie is here to support you and your teams during this challenging time. All of her speaking, consulting and coaching services are available anywhere. Ladies, how many girlfriends do you have? Would most of those fall under acquaintances, casual, close friends or the ultimate, a BFF? Research has found that women should have a few of each.

More specifically breaking it down as follows:. Upon moving from New York to Chicago, the author came to realize she needed more friends. So, she set out to have 52 dates to help pursue new friendships. I connected right away with the author, as she joked about taking out a craigslist ad in her pursuit.

I made this same joke around the time of my wedding, as my husband still has a long list of close male friends aka had a hard time deciding groomsman, we settled on eight. While my list is not as long, I thought at first when picking eight bridesmaids that I would need to take out a craigslist ad. But then I started to write down the women I have had throughout my life, who are the lifers, the ones that will be there forever. I chose to purchase this book because it is hard to make and keep girlfriends, especially as an adult. Research has proven friendship is worth it, offering countless health benefits such as lessening depression, raising self-esteem, coping and overall morale.

It has also been found that friendships can help you quit smoking, lose weight and even add years to your life.

Mwf seeking bff: my yearlong search for a new best friend

I have been burned in the past, both in childhood female friendships as well as in adulthood. I felt I had enough on my plate with my soon-to-be-husband and a fulfilling job. I put all my extra energy into planning the wedding. A healthy marriage can offer many positive life enhancers, and as luck has it I snagged a pretty great partner in crime. This was another commonality that the author and I shared. Matt her husband is my most intimate companion and the love of my life. Just like dating, the other person needs to be open to making a new friend.

Because of this, she developed rules to the friendship pursuit. Two or three times if I really want this best friendship to happen. It has not been until recently that I have put a priority on friendship and especially attempted to follow much of the advice and research highlighted in the book.

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Have you felt this? An unexplained connection, sometimes felt even moments after meeting? In your conversation you can only talk so long about the usual exchange of basic information, where you work, grew up, etc. We all have stories, each very unique to us.

Another reason why in the last decade I have found myself on the girlfriend search is geography. Most of the close friendships I made before 22 would now be at least a 24 hour drive away, if not more. Distance takes a lot of work for any form of relationship to continue.

I needed more friends in Los Angeles. It took me a few days to get the courage.

Download mwf seeking bff: my yearlong search for a new best friend audiobook

I reached out to a woman that would fall under the category of acquaintances and asked her to lunch. I have always been drawn to her energy, positivity and overall zest for life. I was surprised how quickly she responded and a week later we were having lunch.

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I hope to find another time soon to catch up with her, maybe instead of lunch doing something active like a run, which we both enjoy. I am also ed up for a new meet-up group for young married women, seeking friendships. So to recap what I have learned:.

Am I taking on a year-long BFF search, seeking out 52 girlfriend dates?

Mwf seeking bff

But I am reminded to keep my eyes open, heart available and schedule flexible to my existing fabulous friends, as well as potential new ones. I dedicate this post to my lifers, both old and new. The small but mighty shero army in my life. My love and appreciation of each of you is endless. Need a few more ideas for your friendship pursuit? There is no expert other than students themselves who can better understand, connect, and engage with issues close to their hearts. When higher ed pros provide students with adequate training, resources, and guidance campus social media platforms have the ability to reach authenticity and relevancy unlike anything else.

This is exactly why in Marchwe. Higher education is in a state of repair; rebuilding as we sprint toward the next academic calendar. Will your campus go back to business as friendship Start over? The power of online community. The necessity of a highly skilled digital community manager. In Novembera group of scholars, educators, and advocates shared their stories as first-gen students and graduate students. If my freezer could talk, it would say And Ic Grateful for this wall of flowers and my fresh cut Do not drink the stress koolaid.

With the extreme heat, and Alpine has been something special — ssshhhhh the l. Unsubscribe anytime. Read our Privacy Policy. Share on facebook. Share on companionship. Share on linkedin. Share on. A Formula mwf Gaining Girlfriends. Josie Ahlquist July 8, Share this seeking. Pursuits in Volunteering. Subscribe to Josie's Newsletter:.

You may also like Student Leaders as Social Media Managers There is no expert other than students themselves who can better understand, connect, and engage with issues close for their hearts. How Digital Communities Will Help Higher Ed Rebuild Higher education is in a state of repair; rebuilding as we sprint toward the next academic calendar. Let's connect on Instagram.

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If my freezer could talk, it would say National Ic. Grateful for this wall of flowers and my fresh cut. Do not drink the stress koolaid.

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It eats away at. With the extreme heat, and. Alpine has been something special — ssshhhhh the l. Work with Josie.

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