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Some guys have a knack for first dates. They can seamlessly navigate conversations so topics flow from one to the next without any lulls. They effortlessly balance talking about themselves while still learning about their partner.

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First dates are exciting, to be sure, but let's face it: they're a lot of work. Common conversation starters — "Where are you from? But studies have shown that asking the right questions on a first date can accelerate a connection between two people. In other words: quality over quantity, people. Do they want to be in a power couple, building something like a business with their mate?

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First date questions

Keep reading for yes, ! You can thank me later! If you're nervous about how to start asking questions on your date, Tracy recommends starting with some softball qs. For example, hit them with some easy ice breakers that can relieve any anxiety. That said, a person's job does take up a large part of their life, so it's no surprise that you're going to have to ask them about their occupation to learn more about them. Wanna make sure this part of the convo doesn't become a snooze fest?

Tracy suggests getting creative. This way, you get a chance to see how they might react in certain positive, negative, or neutral scenarios, which may reveal more about who they are than asking them point-blank.

The 27 best and worst first date questions you could possibly ask

Okay, so family can be a sore subject depending on the person's relationships. Still, if family is super important to you, you'll want to get some background on how they interact with theirs, how close they are, and so on.

If you're worried about bringing it up, before you ask, you might want to confirm that it's okay to talk about their family circle, Tracy says. Ask them if it's cool to talk values before you dive right in, Tracy notes. And if your hobbies align maybe you both like to read!

If you know what hasn't worked in past relationships, then odds are you'll be able to spot those red flags in this relationship too. A lot of the tougher questions with hard-to-crack answers come when you ask about future plans. If you aren't on the sameit could al some issues in the long-term.

There's no doubt that this can be an awkward subject. Before asking something potentially uncomf, Tracy says to read the room and ask yourself if you're in the right hepace to give answers too. So you've asked your date a bunch of questions.

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One way to take the heat off of them is to turn your qs inward. It will give them a chance to flirt with you hi, compliments! Weight Loss. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Masala Pepper And Cauliflower Omelet.

10 perfect questions to ask on the first date to really get to know someone

Getty Images. Ice Breakers If you're nervous about how to start asking questions on your date, Tracy recommends starting with some softball qs. Who's your closest friend and why?

Would you rather spend a night in with your partner or go out in a large group? What's one of your favorite childhood memories?

Why did you decide to move to this city or town? Where is your favorite place in the world? Where is your favorite place in the city we live?

What neighborhood do you live in? What are the greatest and worst books you've ever read? Do you have a favorite author? If so, who?

What's your favorite movie or television show? What's the best meal you've ever eaten?

What's the best vacation or trip you've ever been on? What's your favorite sports team and why?

Questions you can totally ask on the first date

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