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NOTE: Want to attract more women? I used to be terrible on first dates and made all the classic mistakes a lot of guys do… you know, running out of things to say, taking the girls to the wrong kinds of places, never really knowing how to escalate… it was a disaster. Just keep pushing with the kino escalation until she becomes more relaxed in your presence. Let me explain…. First date tips for men that you should take very seriously. They just wanted to sleep with you.

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Unanswered topics Active topics New posts Your posts. Post Posted: Fri May 12, pm. Wayne Ross You may be shocked at the material in this section but I've talked to hundreds of women and they are in agreement that men are too aggressive, too pushy, especially on the first date.

According to most women, men act like sex-crazed idiots, like a dog in heat. This goes hand in hand with the "D" technique, which I will describe in the next section. A lot of good-looking women expressed the first attitude as Tina did. Tina — "I just don't understand men. They all think that they have to act like some kind of macho he-man to Pua over a woman. I met this real nice guy at a singles dance one night. His name was Jim and he came across as a sincere nice date.

He asked me for a dale and I agreed. He wasn't that good looking but he seemed to have a real nice personality.

Tips for the perfect first date

He picked me up for our date and right away I noticed a difference. Women know. In the car he seemed to be leering at me, as if he was undressing me with his eyes. He looked as if his tongue was hanging out and he kept panting like a dog in heat.

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I couldn't believe that this was the same guy who I had met a few days earlier. He took me to a movie and put his arm around me. That was nice and romantic but he started kissing me on my ear, which was a real turnoff for two reasons. It was too soon after I met him and it was in a crowded movie theater. He was also breathing hard like he was extremely worked up and raring to go.

We went to a singles bar afterwards and that was even worse. I love to dance but not with him. We danced a few slow dances and that was enough. On the dance floor he was humping me as we danced. It was Pua and vulgar. I was embarrassed and humiliated. I felt as if I was being raped on the dance floor. I finally told him that I didn't feel well and had to go home. At the door he asked if he could come in for a drink or a cup of coffee. What nerve! I told him to go to hell and slammed the door in his face, He called me many times after that but I would first go out with him again.

Where are all the nice, courteous, romantic men? Practically every guy I meet expects sex on the first date.

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I want to be courted in the old fashioned romantic way. Maybe it's just a dream.

There are no nice guys around. There are a lot of nice guys around but most of them are misguided as to how to treat a woman on the first date. A woman is not a piece of meat. She's a wonderful person with feelings. A lot of books I read on meeting women say to move date, that women like it when a guy Pua fast.

This is total B. Do not feel that every lime you take a woman out it must end up in a heavy love making session, especially on the first date. Ignore some of the advice you may have heard about speeding up when you're with a woman. A woman today wants a man who is different and unique.

Show her some consideration and respect especially on the First date. You will rarely seduce a girl by being too horny. The more desperate you seem for sex, the less a woman will want to have sex with you. For a woman nothing is more important than having a man take his time. Usually this is not what a woman runs into. Most men bombard women with sexual demands. If they don't come right out and ask the woman to go to bed with them, they usually act sullen and withdrawn until the girl agrees to give them what they want.

This is a real turnoff because most women read this as sexual anxiety and insecurity. It's a real turnoff. A slow pace is what the skilled lover takes.

When he finally decides to have sex the woman is a very willing target. The advantages of taking your time are numerous. You are different from the hundreds of men stampeding after sex. Taking your time implies to a woman that you're a skilled lover, whether you are or not. It allows you to get to know a woman in a relaxed way so when you do make love to her it will be very exciting and wonderful. In the world of winning with women, it is one of the best techniques there is.

This is very important. Don't push and push a girl to have sex. This goes hand in hand with the "D" technique, which I consider dynamite in winning women. Use the "D" technique and be prepared for hoards of women to fall in love with you. Reply with quote. Post subject:. Post Posted: Tue Jan 01, pm. I always have conflicting thoughts in my mind when I read dating advice coming from women. It always seems like women don't actually know what they want, and they also say they want one thing but want another. Post Posted: Wed Jan 02, am. What a stupid hoe. She probably felt lonely after that and went and fucked a bartender somewhere.

Post Posted: Wed Jan 02, pm. That guy is just too needy and desperate, hes acting like he hasnt had sex for a hundred years.

Imagine if you were going out with a fat girl and shes acting like how the guy did. I would freak out too. Its well known among PUAs that comfort building is usually necessary before sex. Mystery believe 8 hours of comfort building is enough, which is a decent enough rule of thumb to follow. I don't think that many guys learning how to become a PUA typically act like the guy in your story. He was also breathing hard like he was extremely worked up and raring to go Post subject: Biggest mistake on a first date, reply.

Post Posted: Sun Jan 27, pm.

Take charge on the date

Please excuse any and all grammatical errors and horrors Women tend to say one thing verbally but in the end they might not be saying the total truth. And this may occur uncontiously, they think they want one thing but don't realize that in there subconscious they want else.

On the other hand, this guy Tina is mentioning does not seem to be a PUA, not even a newb on training wheels. Murfster, I disagree. About ignoring some advice and about speeding up.