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The legal Age of Consent in Texas is Texas Penal Code states that once a person becomes 17 years of age they are capable to give consent for sexual activity with another person. Texas Penal Code Section

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SAFE Text: It is never your fault.

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SAFE forensic nurses and advocates are not affiliated with law enforcement and can answer your questions. These specially qualified and trauma-informed first responders will put your needs first. Call SAFEtext All services provided at SAFE are free.

SAFE advocates and nurses can help you start the process of reporting to law enforcement.

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If you have already reported, SAFE nurses can collect evidence in an evidence collection kit to send to law enforcement. This option is available for up to 5 days after an assault. You can collect and save evidence while you think about reporting.

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Adults 18 years or older in Texas are able to have evidence collected and stored for 5 years. Your evidence collection kit will not be tested unless you decide to report to police.

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Confidential advocates at SAFE can help with your immediate needs, risk assessment and provide referrals to resources such as follow-up care, housing and lease breaking, counseling, delayed reporting and more. Our team of compassionate advocates can help guide you through your options before speaking with law enforcement and can continue to assist you after the exam. This option has no expiration date. Nurses at SAFE can provide preventative medicine for common sexually transmitted infections.

This option is available for up to 10 days after an assault. Frequently Asked Questions. If there are any parts of the exam you are uncomfortable with, you can skip them. A: If you have already changed clothes, showered, brushed your teeth, or had something to eat or drink, that is okay!

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If you have not done these things, it may help to save evidence if you wait until after your exam. However, we want you to be as physically comfortable as possible. Can my own doctor do the exam? However, your own doctor is not specially trained to collect evidence.

Sexual assault & exploitation support

Do I need to go to the hospital? If you think you have medical needs aside from the options we can provide, we recommend going to an emergency department. If you do choose to go to a hospital for care, SAFE advocates may be able to accompany you in person or meet with you by phone, video, or text. What can I expect during an evidence collection exam? You can choose what you do during an exam, regardless of reporting status or age. How can I find out if I was drugged? Some people choose to use home drug tests or ask to have their blood tested at a hospital.

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It is important to know that these tests may not detect the drugs you were given and may or may not be useable as legal evidence. When will I know the of my exam? A: Under Texas law, exam kits must be analyzed within 90 days if there is adequate personnel and if you choose to report to law enforcement. You have options.

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Evidence collection WITH a report to law enforcement. Community Resources and Safety Planning. Medical care. Frequently Asked Questions How much does this all cost? History of assault: This is the part of the exam where you use your own words to say what happened.

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It helps the nurse understand where evidence can be collected. Physical evidence collection: Only if it is ok with you, physical evidence can be collected and injuries if there are any can be documented. STI and pregnancy prevention: If you choose, we can offer medicines that can prevent sexually transmitted infections or reduce the possibility of pregnancy. Safety planning: If there is something that feels complicated or scary to you, we can share ideas and resources that might help you feel safer and more supported.