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Nothing stays the same forever quotes, Quotes same looking forever friend the Nothing

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Image from Crazy Motivational. Change is inevitable. Everybody goes through it. You will eventually experience a change or two at one point in your life.

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To live without being affected by this truth of life, comes easily to us, at least in the early years and such ignorance is blissful, as otherwise we will lead a life full of stress and ambiguity, with no eagerness, interest, hope or meaning.

A lot depends on, how we view this unchanging reality of life. Nothing lasts, but it also means nothing remains. If we think deeply, it may mean many things — Nothing remains, everything changes, everything transforms or evolves, pain ends and pleasure returns, so on and so forth. What do you think about this unchangeable truth?

Does it scare you or does it motivate you? The question however is, how often do we think in these terms about life, and can such a consideration transform our lives for the better. They will force us to dig deeper in our psyche, to understand what we think about this unchanging truth of our lives. The things that mean a lot to us eventually cease to exist. The people in our lives, however dear, depart one day, and the precise moment when it would happen is also unknown to us.

Who knows, we may leave before they do. Youth fades, beauty is replaced, feelings change, and the list is endless. Change is something that keeps things from becoming dull, or repetitive. There is so much beauty in everything, but if we are same exposed to it, then the appreciation of everything will end and repulsion nothing take its stay. Also the fixation with the past can minimize your zest for life. For examplehow about seeing the grace that comes with old age and experience, rather than fretting over wrinkles? As far as people are concerned, surely this kind of a mystery can be only solved after meeting death itself, but one can be sure that the final revelation of this mystery will not be bleak, as nothing is absolute in life and every mystery ends in a climax that the both, light and dark.

Stagnancy can appear peaceful but growth is the nature of nature. Surprisingly forever in stagnancy, saturation, rest, or peace, things are constantly changing on a deeper quote, as we know, everything is energy and energy always changes forms.

It is nothing but change, that makes everything eternal, but as the bigger picture does not reveal itself immediately, we get unsettled.

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Life can bring a lot of pain at times. Even on a day to day basis we go through so much irritation, anger, fear, guilt, or insecurity.

Despite the fact that our feelings, moods, and thoughts keep changing, we keep vacillating throughout the day. Sometimes from one extreme to another. So it pays to be patient when things get tough, as they too shall pass like everything else. Also read: 50 calming quotes that will calm your anger down. Absolute attachment towards possessions and the continuous desire to accumulate and acquire more and more can become a serious impediment in life. An obsessive need to get more can only get us less.

Although how much one should possess can be quite subjective, one should be careful not to be greedy. Why not share some of our gifts with others? They need not always be of material importance, but even the gift of attention, advice, a friendly push, can be useful, if given at the right time. There is only so much time, so why not be selective about things.

For what you may have today, will change ownership someday. As long as we continue to observe everything around us, we are sure to come across a newer perspective, a different take or a fresh attitude even on little things. So yes, little things also change us. But sometimes the changes do not become apparent to us immediately and are revealed only in times of real need. It pays to be open and fluid like water, because life will change no matter what and we will change with it. It all depends on how closely we observe our own mind and actions. As only then we can witness this continuous phenomenon of growth and diminution within ourselves.

Nothing stays famous quotes & sayings

Unlike us, animals and plants are not lost to an internal mental dialogue. They live life so simply, from one moment to another. Nothing lasts, but if the concept of time if altered, which in fact is our own creation, then everything can seem timeless.

If you have read Les Miserables, you would first remember the ordeals of the central character. The painful experiences he goes through. Life will throw challenges in front of you, but be sure that the strength to overcome them will also be given to you. Remember that, once the challenge is accepted without resistance, strength is showered and wisdom shall be supplied and in the end, rest awaits you. Everything comes alive and becomes vibrant with it.

Although temporarily, mundane things become exciting. Worldly pursuits seem secondary, with love around the corner.

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Such a beautiful thing brings so much grief, whether the loss or separation is temporary or permanent. When there is intense involvement, pain follows.

It is a reality that is both hard to accept and grasp. Does a human being cease to exist or whether we come back again. One cannot find definitive answers to these questions.

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Thus handling grief will always be difficult. Let us remember this ultimate reality of life and try to make our life more beautiful by making our relationships more meaningful and deeper. Yes, our time is limited, but why not spend it by doing things that give us lasting happiness with people that really matter to us. All the running, wanting, chasing and stressing will end. Is it really worth it? Pondering over such questions can potentially improve the quality of our lives.

Take of immortality and try to remember the things that we hold dear in our hearts and lives. It was fun while it lasted. To be able to be grateful, is one of best qualities on can possess or acquire. Gratefulness not only paves the way for a relatively stress-free life but also attracts more positive experiences to us. Focusing on the happier times will simply bring more happy times. She inherently had like attitude towards life.

Quotes about nothing lasts forever

This quote shows that she believed in the beauty of life. Such an easy and light attitude is not really, a careless attitude, but is one of simplicity. It will surely help, if one cuts unnecessary drama in life, and accepts the harsh truths with grace.

If we remember our state of mind which was responsible for the definitive decisions in our lives, regret is out of the question. Everything in life is cyclic in nature. The cycle of night and day, of good and bad, of life and death. Nothing ever remains stagnant as expressed beautifully by this simple yet profound quote. Change happens all the time and some changes are absolutely necessary because without it we will never realize our true nature.

Things will appear difficult when change happens, but what follows is absolutely beautiful. The caterpillar could remain a caterpillar forever, but then it will never experience the beauty of flight. Difficult times do appear but they never last forever. And when they leave, they teach us so much about life and about our own self. They help us grow into our true nature. Also read: 50 reassuring quotes that everything will be okay.


We come here only once and are a complete original. How we perceive others is defined by how we perceive our own selves. If all else fails, being neutral is the right approach. A little smile makes all the difference in the worldnot just to you, but to anyone who is receptive of positive energy.

Every time we buy something, we can say a small thank you, or give a friendly smile. This might brighten up their day and yours. We need not categorize every action in terms of business and personal. There is no need to fake it and force oneself. You know why? Because as humans, everyday we go about our business, and all that time we know, we all know that the things we love, the people we love… at any time, it can all be taken away. We live knowing that and we keep going anyway.

It will surely make you think about the miraculous quality of little things in life and life itself. A lot has been written about the ephemeral nature of life and everything in it.

Here are some quotes that may start such an inquiry within us. Is there a brighter side to this? Things cease to be in their present form, take a new form.