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List of admirable qualities, I searching men that list admirable

His affections were tender and warm.

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Can you help with our research? Are you reviewing this list for Personal or Business reasons? In Norman Anderson came up with the personal characteristics listed below and had hundreds of students rank order the words from most desirable Note the top 4 are Sincere, Honest, Understanding, and Loyal to most distasteful the last 4 are cruel, mean, phony, and liar. Anderson, N. Likableness ratings of personality-trait words. Journal of Social Psychology, 9,

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15 interesting qualities people who everyone likes have in common

In the words of John Quincy Adams"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. Great leadership has the potential to excite people to achieve extraordinary things, which makes leadership among the highest of callings. Measure yourself against these 26 attributes and ask yourself how you can lead from your very best qualities:.

Connect with enthusiasm, empowerment and encouragement; remember that everyone can make a positive contribution. Goals provide governance to vision and mission, guiding people and organizations to a meaningful purpose. Leadership with humility means service to others, ownership of your own mistakes and failures, and openness to learning.

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Be so well informed, learned, and cultivated that people are drawn to you for their own enlightenment. Good leaders speak; great leaders listen.

When you're listening to others, you're learning from them. To lead with optimism is to be confident, cheerful and positive, leading to openness and opportunity for all. Keep moving, increasing and growing, and pioneering new frontiers.

Those around you will gain energy from being part of a dynamic enterprise. Show people they can count on you in good times and bad by living up to your word.

Top ten most admirable qualities in a person

Be dependable and consistent. When you're encouraging, caring and sympathetic and helpful, offering feedback both positive and negative, you give those around you the confidence they need to persist. People are reassured by dependability, reliability, credibility and competence. Have faith in those you're leading, and they will have faith in you.

Be impartial and open-minded; hold to the value of listening, learning, giving chances and being open to opinions. Be innovative, imaginative, and perceptive.

The top 10 characteristics of highly admired people

What differentiates great leaders from the rest is they not only have plenty of ideas but also commit to carrying them out. Wisdom in leadership is more than just being wise--it's using that wisdom to give insight and inspiration to others.

Aim for distinction and virtuosity, motivate yourself to always give your highest quality effort. One test of a true leader is a constant longing and hunger.

25 good character traits list essential for happiness

Always be looking to be more, do more and make a difference in a big way. A devout drive to be dedicated to something bigger than yourself fuels a fierce passion to be help others be successful. Embrace that intensity and put it to work to better the world. When you embrace these attributes from A to Z, you walk the path of great leadership. Begin now and see where you end up. Top Stories. Top Videos.

12 highly admirable qualities people have

Getty Images. Character resonates with people and impels them to follow and trust. If you are brave in your thinking and daring in your actions, you can accomplish anything.

Leading with intuition and intelligence gives everyone around you room to grow. Always seek to be guided by truth and reason; be a champion of equality and fairness. Mentor and encourage those around you. Inspire them to take chances. To be a great leader, live in a way that draws others to emulate you. Always choose quality over quantity; hold yourself and those around you to the highest standard.

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