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I love giving footjobs, Japaneses woman picking men footjobs for loves

If your man has a foot fetish, then you are going to want to know how to give your man a foot job.

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Just wondering if women enjoy having there feet worshipped

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How to give a wildly pleasurable foot job in just 5 simple (but intense) steps

The MousePad. I'm a lucky guy-my gf discovered that she loves giving me footjobs. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 5 posts.

I'm a lucky guy-my gf discovered that she loves giving me footjobs

My girlfriend and I have been together for just over six years. Before we went on our first day, I had confessed to her by text that I was a "total foot guy," and eventually that I loved to tickle and be tickled. After my divorce, I had decided that I was always going to be up front about my interests in future relationships.

It was a really great idea because I didn't have to create reasons to massage her feet or tickle her. I worshipped her little size 5. We were off to a great start. Early on, she would tease me with her feet as we relaxed on the couch, but no real footjobs.

I also wasn't asking her to do them, so it was no big deal. Then, one day she was playing with me and pulled me all the way out of my boxers and ended up giving me a relatively clumsy footjob, but it felt great duh! That was five years ago. In the intervening years, I continued to do pretty much whatever I wanted to her feet. I don't tickle them much because although she doesn't complain, she is so super ticklish that I don't think she enjoys it very much. She loves it when I tickle the rest of her body so I generally stick to her ears, neck, sides, ribs, armpits and hips.

The hips really drive her crazy.

Then, about three weeks ago, we were laying in bed next to each other. I had just given her a pedicure and her toes were a deep, dark red. That is my favorite color. She is Latina and the red contrasts beautifully with her sexy bronze skin. She prefers links because they are a little more subtle. So, as we lay there, she rolled sideways and started rubbing her soft freshly pumiced left sole and toes on my left leg.

She has incredibly high arches and it felt great. I became very hard very quickly. As she slid her foot further up my leg, she discovered just how much what she was doing was turning me on.

She was not surprised, but it wasn't something that she did very often. Well, eventually she started playing with me and stroking her some and toes up and down, up and down, up and down. As I was entering a trance like state, I heard her say, "can you put some lotion on my feet please?

I could not resist sliding my lotion covered fingers between her toes just for a few seconds causing her to squirm and giggle. Once the lotion was applied, she went back to stroking with her left foot. Then by instinct, she brought up her right foot and slid it under me and allowed me rest right in her deep arch. She went back to stroking, and now the friction was on both sides. Instincts really started to take over then and she would periodically use her little toes to stimulate the head when she finished an upward stroke. I was in heaven. I held on as long as I could, but eventually could not take it any longer and had a great orgasm.

I got up, got a nice warm, wet washcloth and cleaned her sexy feet and motioned them so they would stay soft. After an hour or so she asked me how I had liked that "magic" she had done earlier. I told her that she had no idea how magical it was and asked her if she liked it.

She said she did and that it felt good.

About a week later, we were laying the same way and the same thing happened. I was hoping that this would become part of the regular routine, and I was starting to be more interested in receiving footjobs more often. If I asked for them more often she would do them, but there was something more special about the fact that she was doing it because she wanted to and because it felt good to her too. So last night, we were laying on the couch facing each other. She extended her feet into my lap and fell asleep. As she slept, her feet were right on top of my member and when she would move in her sleep it was making me crazy.

I wanted more movement. I started to tickle her arch ever so slightly to make her foot move. I even tickled a couple of adorable sleepy, ticklish giggles out of her. After a few minutes of this I stopped and let her finish her nap.

When she finally woke up, she went right to work. I noticed right away that her technique was a lot more direct and wondered immediately if she had gone online to see how to do it right. She is the type of person who would do something like that. She was working it like a pro.

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I was under a blanket but pulled it off of me to keep it from getting messy footjobs so that I could see her loves. I gave her a pedicure last Tuesday, and they were a pale pink this time. I had replaced the red, but it will be back. I keep them red for most of the winter because I'm the only one who sees them so she doesn't want the pink all the time like she does in the summer. This footjob was nothing short of phenomenal.

Her technique was often and she was paying attention to my reactions and my breathing so she knew what was really working and she would do those things more. When it was finally over, cleaned her up again and gave her a long foot massage with heated lotion to reward her for such great work. Three footjobs in a three week period after none in five years. She clearly enjoys doing them and the reaction that she gets out of me.

As her technique continues to get giving, this is only going to get better. The one thing I did the second time before she added the right foot or applying the lotion was to bring her right foot up to my mouth so that I could suck her toes while she rubbed her left foot up and down, up and down. The combination of those two sensations is absolutely amazing. Well, I hope you enjoyed this story. This is going to be another brutal winter here, but that means lots of time under a warm blanket, so this may be the first time that I don't complain about cold weather.

I am, so lucky and I am grateful for what I have. My avatar feetures the feet that are the stars of this love and I have posted a couple of other stories and pictures on footjobs over the years. In fact, there might actually be a pic from one of those very early footjob attempts on here if memory serves me correctly. I appreciate any feedback you might have and will also answer any questions. I can't believe that you wrote this 5 days ago and no one has replied!

I come here on a daily basis now and somehow much have missed this, so I'm sorry for the delay in replying. Great story, you are very lucky that you've found a woman who enjoys your fetish. Please keep us updated and I'd love to see pics in Enthusiast please. Thank you, gb. Excellent story! You are one lucky man and I hope you continue to get footjobs from your wife on a regular basis.

I would also love to see some givings soon.