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How to deal with your wife not wanting you, Deal wanting your How not you

Talk to us. Instead of physically leaving the relationship, your spouse simply checks out emotionally.

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By: Stephanie Kirby. Medically Reviewed By: Lauren Guilbeault.

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It's common in counseling to hear wives say they don't feel loved by their husbands anymore. But believe it or not, husbands can feel unloved by their wives too. Although it can take some time when I'm counseling a man to get him to finally admit, "My wife doesn't love me.

Not surprising, it's much more common for women to express relationship dissatisfaction than it is for men. In my experience counseling men, I've found that many guys will go years and years feeling that their wife doesn't love them anymorebut never say anything about it. They'll never say the words, "My wife doesn't love me," to themselves or to anyone else, but they feel it nonetheless.

As a result, men compensate for the loss of love from their wives by seeking comfort elsewhere -- cheatingvideo gamespornalcoholoverworkingetc. Believing the love is gone from your relationship and the love actually being gone are two different things. Daily life and all the responsibilities that come along with jobs, family, money, etc. What is that you each can feel like the other has fallen out of love and then you yourself stop feel love for your partner. Figuring out why this happened will require some in-depth reflection on your own behavior within your relationship.

The question is, were you listening? Feeling unheard, unappreciated, and unloved are big reasons for dissatisfaction within a marriage. Men are often guilty of causing their wives to feel this way because most men are poor communicators, especially when it comes to feelings.

Contrary to what many couples think when they get married, it takes consistent effort to keep the love alive. A marriage can't thrive and be healthy without good communication. After all, if you tell her that should be enough, right? The answers to these questions can help you figure out where to start when it comes to bringing the love back to your marriage.

Lack of love from a partner usually doesn't just happen. The love typically slowly dwindles over time. So, to restart it requires the same approach - slow, methodical, and patient. To help you get the process started here are 7 things men can do to begin to get their wives to love them again:. You actually have to say it and show it. I've challenged the wives who don't feel loved to try their list of suggestions for 90 days, so I'm putting the same challenge out to the men too.

Guys, we have great influence over how our wives feel about us. So, if you're one of many guys who feels "my wife doesn't love me," pick a couple of things from this list and get started today beginning to change how she feels.

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