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How to become a girl magnet, Extrovert become magnet for boy especially How girls

Online dating is all the rage at the moment, and it's challenging to keep it out of sight, especially if you're single and looking for a potential life partner.

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By Chris Chew. Yes, some men are natural girl magnets, are you?

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Holding a friendly conversation with girls can be easy, but taking the conversation to the next level can be tricky sometimes. You might wonder how your friends manage to get friendly with attractive girls and then get into a relationship with them!

Attractive girls find you cute; find you funny, but what about love? Okay, you have mastered the art of getting attractive girls to talk to you; you make them laugh, you create a friendly rapport, but you are unable to take it further from there. If that is the problem you are facing, then you have come to the right place. Here we have all the secrets of maintaining an attraction. Do you sometimes wish if you had a magnet with you that would keep the girls attracted to you all the time? To be a chick magnet is not rocket science.

Here are some 15 rules you need to follow in order to attract a chick and keep her interested in you. You must have read about confident body language several times, but how often have you really projected confidence? Confidence is all about having a friendly nature, a sure-of-yourself personality and a definitely down-to-earth attitude.

Your walk, your gait, your clothes and your body language should all ooze of confidence. It is quite natural to feel a little nervous when you come across a girl whom you are attracted to.

But if you appear vulnerable, nervous or clumsy in front of her, you lose your chances of attracting her. Girls like confident men the best. So make sure you appear smart and confident from the outside, even if you are all melting inside! Women notice smart dressing sense in an instant. Wear clean and smart clothes.

They need not be very costly, but wearing smart combinations and clean clothes does increase your sex appeal, and you also come across as someone who loves to groom himself well. Make sure you smell different. Use a particular perfume whenever you meet her, always. She will notice your aroma and might find it very appealing. If you have a distinct fragrance, she will always think about you whenever she senses it. Now this does not mean that you have to play joker to impress her.

Girls love humorous men. Humor is also the best way to start a light-hearted conversation. If the girl smiles while in conversation with you, chances are that she has really started to like you. You can start off by teasing your girl, playfully. Playful teasing can be an indirect way of praising her. This will make you have the upper hand and the girl will know that you are not intimidated by her.

Don't forget to make eye contact for just a little longer than necessary. Let your eyes do the talking!

7 traits that will help you to become girls magnet

Springs blooming kind of and so is wedding season! Whos getting married?! Tag them below! One common mistake that men make is just praising their girl so much that it begins to appear artificial.

Firstly, you have got to project yourself as someone who does not waste his time over any and every attractive girl. Scan your surroundings first and choose someone after giving it a lot of thought. Don't let your eyes or mind keep straying here and there. If your girl knows that you have eyes only for her, part of your battle is already won. Don't make your conversations about work or routine.

Try to really know your girl deeply. You can ask her questions like 'What are three things I wouldn't know about you just by looking? Questions like these will spark her interest in you and she will look forward to knowing you better.

If you make her win you over, then rest assured she will remain interested in you. An emotional note does not mean that you speak about your troubles in life and share personal problems. While these are important to share too, it can come much later in your relationship.

You can make a better emotional impact on your girl if you share all your personal opinions, likes and dislikes with her and try to know hers too. This will let her get an insight into your world and know you better. While you tell her about your personal likes and dislikes, make sure that you ask hers too and always remember and be considerate about her choices. She might hate pepperoni pizza while it could be your favorite!

Chick magnet: how to attract girls and keep them interested

Make sure you remember her choices at all times. And also try your best to fulfill her needs. These can be some small favors like running errands with her or giving her a book she wanted to read since a very long time. I was thinking What do you guys think??

Conversation, attraction and then, next

This is a very important point to remember. Initially, to attract a girl, you might try to be a sweet talker and portray yourself as completely opposite than what you are. Remember, you cannot hold a false facade forever. She is attracted to the person you showed her you were and eventually, when you do come back to your original self, you will find the interest fading away.

How to become a chick magnet

Be yourself, as no one is alike in this world. What one attractive girl might want in her guy might be completely different to what another one might be seeking in her guy. Be yourself and the right one will come to you. It was always so tough to fly back to Germany and to not see each other for so long again. Even when you made a way to live together, part of the family and friend is always far away.

This is a very important part of building an attraction and sustaining it. Very few relationships can last long without the element of sex. You can build sexual tension in any relationship by touching your girl at the very early stage. Start by touching her hands, patting her back or giving her a high-five. Next what you have got to check for is compliance. Is she reacting to your touch in the same way? Does she let you touch her and does she touch you back?

How to transform yourself into a chick magnet

This could be your hint on whether she is attracted or not. Building sexual tension and then knowing when to advance further is a very important element in any relationship; if you keep waiting, the attraction and interest might wean off and if you do it too early, it might infuriate your girl. Had an amazing shoot with Charlotte and ker yesterday morning!

I honestly envy them! Any relationship needs time to strengthen.

6 ways to become the ultimate chick magnet

Give yours also some time; do not jump into decisions of commitment too soon. Spend time with each other; do fun activities together, go for holidays together and let love blossom between both of you, gradually. Let her yearn for your company. Now that you have a healthy love relationship with your girl, you need to give her space.

If you get too clingy or keep calling her every instant, she will start getting irritated or find you a nag.

How to be a girl magnet?

While a small amount of possessiveness is necessary, you have to give her some space and freedom too. Have trust in her and don't get too nosey with her activities.

Let her feel like sharing all the details of her day with you. Whenever you talk to her, try to bring out topics that she is interested in.

How to attract a girl you truly like online?

If you keep talking about things you love, she might get bored and the attraction will fade away. Also make sure you do not get too feminine with your conversations. You can let some topics be reserved for your girl and her girlfriends. Talk about things that interest you both. Happy Anniversary to my Momma and Dad. My dad had longer hair than my mom at the time. They wrote back and forth for 2 years while my dad was on his mission and he came home and married her. Do not reveal everything about you in an instant. Maintain an air of mystery around you at least for some time.

Let her feel that every time she meets you, she discovers a new aspect of your personality.

This will keep the air and the interest charged up between both of you. Also, surprise her sometimes. Like for instance, take her shopping sometimes or plan a fun weekend travel plan instantly. Such gestures will make her love spending time with you.