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Herbalife shakes vs slim fast, Ukrainian Herbalife hunting for men shake for date

SlimFast and Herbalife are two of the biggest household names when it comes to weight loss meal replacement shakes.

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The distinction is important, given that weight management and athletic performance are different goals, and that obesity is a rising problem. In the past 27 years, not one country has reduced its obesity rate, according to the Global Burden of Disease Study. Obesity prevalence has nearly tripled during the last 40 years.

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This may contain affiliate links and we may earn a small amount of money from any products bought. Our reviews, however, remain independent and impartial. SlimFast and Herbalife are two of the most famous and popular meal replacement solutions for weight loss.

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While it seems like a new product is released every day, SlimFast and Herbalife have been around for decades, so it must mean something right? However, regardless of how familiar you may be with those brand names, you may not actually be aware of how they really perform. Do they work? Are they worth it? And which one is the best? A top notch protein shake with just calories, 20g of protein and 2g carbs, plus some vitamins and minerals. The only protein shake patented for enhancing athletic performance, in particular building muscle, boosting strength, increasing power and endurance, curbing hunger and supporting recovery after exercise.

Flavour matched for ease — both are chocolate flavour — Performance Lab Carb offers 40g of carbs from KarboLyn, a superior carbohydrate source. KarboLyn gives two hours of stimulant-free energy to power your exercise regime. Together Protein and Carb are just calories and provide the protein you need to build and repair muscles, with the carbs you need to power up your training.

SlimFast is a weight loss programme deed to help men and women burn fat rapidly thanks to the use of meal replacement foods. It is centred around the formula: everyday, eat 3 SlimFast snacks, fruit or vegetables, 2 meal replacements and 1 regular meal around kcal. Exercise is recommended in addition to the nutrition plan for better.

SlimFast provides a good solution for quick weight loss with meal replacements that will make you feel full for several hours. However, the SlimFast solution is hardly sustainable on the long term and as such better suited to kickstart a diet.

Herbalife Nutrition is a multi-level marketing company specialised in weight loss and general health and well-being products. Herbalife offers scientifically deed products aimed at enhancing the quality of life of its users. In this battle, we will focus on their weight loss range only.

Herbalife has created a wide range of products that will help you be successful in your fat loss journey. The meal replacement shakes are a good solution to feel full for several hours while getting in a fair amount of protein and nutrients.

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It is easy to use as there is no need to count calories or prepare complicated meals. In addition, as Herbalife is sold by independent agents, there is usually a support network that comes with the product. SlimFast and Herbalife offer similar products with the same purpose: fast weight loss.

How do they fare against each other?

In terms of taste and texture, SlimFast clearly has the upper hand. The powder shakes are much easier to whisk by hand, and come out with no chunks. Herbalife shakes, on the other hand, require a blender or a shaker bottle to come out alright.

In addition to that, Herbalife shakes smell and taste synthetic and powdery. On the other hand, SlimFast shakes have a nice fluffy texture and are sweeter to the taste. Both meal replacement shakes are useful and work when it comes to losing weight relatively quickly. According to customer reviews on the Internet, several pounds can be lost every week when sticking to the plan. Indeed, the shakes are satisfying as much as a liquid meal can be! The snacks in both range are also great options to consider should those cravings happen. The shakes are ultra convenient and do not require you to count any calories or amounts of food, and do not require a lengthy preparation.

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This is a true asset in a time when people are crunched for time and are looking for simple diet solutions. SlimFast has the added bonus of a ready-made shake that can be consumed as such on the go. It also offers a 7-day starter pack with ready-made shakes, snacks and meal bars. Herbalife is a bit more adaptable, as its range contains a pure protein powder that can be added to any shake or prepared food in order to be as close as your needs as possible.

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This is great if you workout a lot, for example. Both SlimFast and Herbalife have a major drawback: their high sugar content. With In addition, high amount of sugars can trigger weight gain, which is the opposite of what these products are trying to achieve. According to several studies, processed added sugar can also enhance the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Notehowever, that SlimFast ready-made shakes in a bottle contain much less sugar, at Certain flavours of Herbalife powder also contain less sugar, though it is not clear which contain what and which are made for the UK-market as the Herbalife UK website does not include product labels. Amazon UK sells numerous different Herbalife shakes but it is not clear if all are made for the UK-territory, hence the confusion and differing product labels.

We are not fans of this Herbalife approach, and prefer the upfront honesty of SlimFast. Either way, SlimFast and Herbalife are both heavily processed food products. Added sugars, emulsifiers, anti caking agents and processed sources of protein give the two brands a pretty low natural score. When dieting with SlimFast and Herbalife, make sure you are still consuming lots of fruit and vegetables to keep a balanced diet.

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Last but not least, diet plans based on meal replacements are rarely sustainable in the long term. Indeed, eating liquid shakes can become boring very quickly and create a bigger craving for real foods. Furthermore, when coming back to a normal diet, the majority of users have noticed a weight gain. As such, both SlimFast and Herbalife products are best used a diet kick-starter rather than a long term option.

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Overall, SlimFast and Herbalife provide convenient and efficient solutions to lose weight quickly and easily. You can find a Herbalife seller via the official Herbalife website. She has been an regular gym-goer for several years, both for lifting and fitness classes. Recently she found herself attracted to yoga… and now spends even more time in the gym!

Her passion for food and fitness has led her to become a supplement specialist over the years, and she is dedicated to bringing you honest reviews with a scientific approach. Terms and Conditions.

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