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Christian music is a blossoming industry right now and the reason for that is the of flourishing talented artists that have sprung up over the last three decades.

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Unsurprisingly, then, the best gospel songs have been recorded by artists from all musical persuasions — and the best gospel singers, too, cover a wider range of styles than you might initially think.

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David Phelps is the best singer. I have watched some of his performance with the Gaithers and it's always been supernatural, well, he is really difference. He sang "it is well" and I loved it, because I really felt so well with my soul. God bless you, I thank God you have been one of us, and I will always thank God for being a blessing to many souls. I don't think anyone would know you and ever forget about you, even to eternity I will thank God you existed.

I am not judging anyone's efforts but I thank God he is using you this way. You are a blessing to mankind. I am Samuel Paidoo: samuelpaidoo gmail. David Phelps is 1, the best, no one can compare to David. With David's great and awesome tenor voice, he could make the rafters ring.

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David uses his God given talent, his voice and singing to praise God, he gives God the glory and through his songs he tells others about God, Jesus Christ. Thank you David for being a true and sincere Christian. I love to hear you sing and I love your humor and smile. May God bless you David always and also your wonderful family. I love you and you're still so good looking and sweet and kind. David you are and always will be 1 and at the top! Simply inspiring.

A voice and passion that shines with God's love and greatness. David Phelps is a mighty tool in God's hands. Thank you David for giving your God given talent back to Him for by doing so your music is worth ten fold more than what it would be otherwise.


A voice like yours is simply powerful and through it God is exalted and people are blessed. You David, I believe, are living out your God given purpose which is the best any human can possibly wish for and the pinnacle of life. You have every reason to be filled with much joy as God uses your life for His awesome purposes. He has the voice of an angel. I love to hear him.

It makes my heart happy to listen. God has blessed him with a voice that blesses me. Truly the "Voice" of Christian music. Beautiful person, blessed with incredible gift, amazing entertainer and always giving back. Over the years, her music has continued to be part of my spiritual journey. Often times, the only way God could speak to my heart was through her music "In Heaven's Eyes. Last year, I had the pleasure and honor to meet my "spiritual mentor" at a concert and do her makeup. I work in T. Truly a blessing. Sandi is 1, top of the list, best of the best, class act in my book.

Heard Sandy when I was just a young woman and her voice stirred something deep in my spirit. She has the singer incredible range and power, yet can sing so softly and sweetly. All three of my children have christian up hearing her music.

I even took my great daughter and her schoolmate to see Sandy in person when she made an appearance in Atlanta. Sandy's voice is truly a gift from God! When I'm feeling spiritually drained, I listen to Sandy's voice via Pandora on my cell phone!

She is a blessing to all of us and should hold the honor of 1 Gospel Singer. I know a lot of people are talking about the performer "Sandi Patty. However, I want to talk about the genuine person behind "The Voice". I met Sandi back in This concert was in St. Louis Missouri. When I was meeting her for the first time, I was so nervous since this was the person I love listening to on my cassettes.

However, she put me very much at ease and even had a autograph picture waiting for me. She told me that if she is ever in my area, look her up and she will try to make every effort to make sure I can see her backstage.

Well, let me tell you that she is person of her word. I have met her several times backstage since then.

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Each time a little more of her awesome personality comes out. She is very humorous person on and off stage. I feel honored to know such a great Christian Musician. Sandi is truly one of a kind person and so I first heard Sandi when I was a kid and she was singing with her family. I got her autograph after the show, but was way more interested in her cute brother's.

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My favorite of her concerts was in Oklahoma City after the Bombing in I was a disaster responder from Indiana and had been there for several weeks. I was exhausted, and beyond that, I was pretty much spent. When she said, "You are so very loved, " I felt it in my Spirit and have never forgotten the words or the feeling. And then there's her voice. I agree. If we're talking about those who made gospel songs into radio play, beginning the move of contemporary Christian music being played and sung outside of church then we are certainly talking Keith Green.

Keith Green is the only Christian songwriter who has impressed me. And does he impress!

He is absolutely fantastic. Very outstanding music and lyrics. He was truly consumed by the love of God. What a legacy! This is amazing, Don. Just wow. He is a miracle man. Hats off to the GOAT of gospel music. When you hear his music it brings enlightenment and peace.

The best gospel musician of all eternity. I wonder how people rate gospel musicians. Is it just by voice, but not by life and impact in the Christian fold. Don Moen should definitely be in top ten.

He has impacted life all over the world and I've not heard any bad record of him tarnishing the name of Christ. Why should we be encouraging people who are not born again but singing gospel songs. This man of God is sent from God, his spirit is always lifting the congregation.

And he is ready for ministration at any time, even his lifestyle is worshiping God always. I think for Gospel, Don Moen is connected. He might not be interested in all these slurs Effects and all that, but he can take you to God's this is top ten spirits anointed.

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This great man is blessed beyond understanding with his God given gift which he surely uses to bless lives all around the world. If there is a gospel musician I have chosen to meet in my lifetime, it would surely be Don Moen on top of the list. Michael is one of the most anointed singers I've had the privilege to see and hear. His ministry is unlike no other.

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I've sat there and watch as it seemed you could see the anointing dripping off of him. His humble heart and openness about his life's story makes him such a tremendous minister of the gospel.

I've heard many say that their lives have been changed thanks to Michael allowing God to move through him to reach people who otherwise have no hope. My own life was changed when God led to me Michael's music and his life's story. Being raised in church all your life doesn't mean you have a grasp on what grace and redemption are all about. Michael's ministry stands alone.