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This spring a buddy of mine and me planned to cruise up the coast to go ab diving for the weekend. We decided to head out Friday afternoon, camp on the beach that evening and dive early the next morning when the pacific would be a little calmer. Although my wife is a certified diver, she normally only dives on our warm water vacations to Hawaii or the Caribbean. She never expressed any interest in diving the cold waters of northern California.

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The climate is hot in Italy, and the guys are even hotter. You want your window to look good, or a bloody mess? Unlike a skinny, thin stick such as you, who can probably fit her free wardrobe in her suitcase. Hannah is always the organized one amongst us, whereas Lin is such a dizzy head and can never make her story up, as for me, well anything goes. We might be a strange combination of friends, but we are all inseparable. Lin is Chinese American, with long slick dark hair and the most stunning oriental features I have ever seen.

She has a very fit body too, but then being a professional dancer she needs to keep in top shape. Mmf has to be in its rightful place. She doesn't let me do it as a favor for old friends, no. I am a voluptuous lb big, beautiful woman, with curves all in the right place.

Size 22 dress and a bust size of 40H. We all need this holiday to relax and unwind from the busy everyday lives that we all put ourselves through.

Given that the climate around here is so cold at this time of year, we decided to go hunting the sun shine, with the added bonus of meeting some sexy European guys. I just cannot wait to get there. A quick check of my watch tells me that I need to get a move on. I really do need to get home and do said packing, as the flight leaves at midnight.

Time to up the pace and get my skates on. Unbelievably, by chance or pure miracle, we manage to arrive on time and in one piece. The sand is a pale golden yellow and the sea, a deep turquoise blue, it is simply magnificent. I have my two-piece bathing costume on, with the straps hanging off my shoulders so I get an all over tan. Lin and Hannah are splashing about in the sea, like two big .

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I love these guys and I am so pleased to be here with them. Oh, this is glorious, no work for two weeks, just fun, fun and more fun.

As I look over the tops of my sunglasses, I note a couple of guys observing the girls in the sea, they look hot, but as soon as they speak I lose interest. Their unmistakable Southern American drawl puts me off. The girls feel the same and the two guys soon realise that they are not interested in them, and slope off looking for other opportunities.

We find a good spot where we can see the ocean from our window as we check out the menu. Lin doesn't answer me, because she is sat with her mouth slightly agape staring at something. He is a big guy, at least 6ft tall and with a broad chest and shoulders to match and a dark shock of thick, wavy hair.

I could sink into them and be lost forever. He stands close to me and leans down, pointing out items on the menu. He so close he's almost touching me and I can smell his masculine, musky odor. He smells delicious. Accompanied with a glass of Pinot Grigio, to clean the palate. I look on speechless, and feel very flattered. My two friends are attractive girls and usually always get the boys first.

It seems this guy likes his women big and beautiful, how can I resist a night of love. I say nothing, what can I say. sociální síť pro dospělé

He leaves us to get our drinks and I sigh a huge breath, followed my fanning myself. The food arrives and it is delicious, just as the waiter recommended it would be, but I am too distracted to enjoy it properly, all I can think about is my impending date with the sexy Antonio.

Every time he comes to the table he gives me a wide sexy smile and pays me more attention than the other two girls, always flattering me and complementing me on my looks. Finally, the meal is over and my date arrives on time, dressed in faded jeans and a tight fitting t-shirt which shows off his firm muscular frame.

After making my farewells to the girls, he whisks me off into the town. We have a wonderful time, my chaperone is an amazing gentleman and attends to my every need, treating me with respect and paying me full attention, all evening.

As we come out of a quiet, little bar, off the beaten track, he he towards the beach. He stands in front of me and gently puts an arm around me and a finger under my chin, as he lifts up my face, me presses his soft lips onto mine. I cannot resist. I feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach as he gently strokes my cheek, while his lips are pressed to mine. We must look an odd couple, he tall and slender and me short, and very curvy.

We walk towards the seashore hand in hand. The beach is deserted, as he said it would be, and the light of the moon glitters on the sea, giving it a perfectly romantic ethereal glow.

We get to the shoreline and he embraces me again, kissing me full on the lips, more firmly this time and with more passion. His tongue pushes into my mouth and I moan lightly, opening up my lips a little more to let his tongue explore my mouth. Ohh, he tastes so good, and I feel a little disappointed when he pulls away. He takes my arm in his and we continue our walk along the moonlit beach.

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We both remove our shoes and walk closer to the sea, letting the warm water rush over our feet. As we walk along the beach, the darkness surrounds us, until we can hardly see where we are treading, the only light we have now, is the moonlight. A balmy evening with the sound of crashing waves and the moonlight casting a silver glow over everything. Perfect bliss. Home English Online. Read Book Download Book.

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Chapter 2 Pudding or Desert? Chapter 3 A Private Beach Party We have a wonderful time, my chaperone is an amazing gentleman and attends to my every need, treating me with respect and paying me full attention, all evening. Magnificent Bastard by Lili Valente. Desire Unleashed by Savannah Stuart.

Dismissed by Kirsty McManus. Enticed by Jessica Shirvington. Down Solo by Earl Javorsky. Shipwreck Island by S. Into the Stone Land by Robert Stanek.

The Starter by Scott Sigler.