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Today, a shrunken marketplace has hurt commercial production but also encouraged a new generation of independents who's fostered new interest amongst adventuresome cineastes.

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Watch these Pinoy blockbusters! While we're all staying home as much as we can, why not indulge in a Netflix marathon?


If you've finished every K-drama availableor even dipped your foot in some pandemic-themed filmswhy not check out these Filipinos films as well? Keep reading to find out what Filipino movies you can check out on Netflix today! When the Bonifacio siblings find out their father has cancer, they reunite and hash out their differences. A caregiver named Jaica is hired by Vivian, a successful businesswoman who recently discovered she was ill.

Little does Vivian know, Jaica plays a ificantly bigger role in her life— one that reconnects her to her distant son. This movie is about acceptance, love, and forgiveness. A one-of-a-kind love story begins when an architecture student falls for her history professor and ends with plenty of unresolved issues. Years later, the pair meet again on a project.

Do they finally get closure to close the book? Or did the two finally find their happy ending?

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With the hopes of supporting her family, Sarah finds a job as a caregiver in United Kingdom. Here, she is able to navigate her way through self-discovery from being a submissive wife to someone who is empowered, and proud of who she is and what she does. Dead Kids is the first Netflix Original film from the Philippines.

Newly taught on how to shoot a gun, young farm girl Maya accidentally shoots an endangered Philippine Eagle. A Filipino couple disregards this and pushes through with their wedding. Cursed by the sukob, ill-fated events happen to the two and their families.

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This film follows Mace and Anthony who meet unexpectedly at an airport in Rome. Once they reach the Philippines, they decide to venture out to places together and form a friendship that brings them closer to one another. Here, she meets a boy who changes her life for the better.

Things To Do. Stuck at home? Get the barkada together online for a Netflix Party! Check out our recommendations for netflix movies you should watch right now! Strangely enough, pandemic movies have become more in demand since the coronavirus outbreak.

If you've got the guts to sit through films that follow the effects of a virus, check out our recommendations.

10 filipino movies you didn’t know were already on netflix

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