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Ed brown kobra carry holster, I would like kobra for guy brown carries fantage

Our offer includes 74 des of Ed Brown Kobra Carry - 4. Wide range of carry positions and carry styles allow you to browse through many holster models with great retention and a covered trigger guard, either open top holsters or holsters with a thumb break. Our Ed Brown Kobra Carry - 4.

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Nov 10, What is your personal favorite and why? I am in need of a holster for my Kobra Carry. Ii have never carried a before and would like to hear your opinions of the best IWB holster. ed Dec 18, Does it have to be a Kobra Carry? My Executive Carry is the same size and shape, but has checkering and standard cocking serrations, instead of the scales.

What makes a great ed brown kobra carry - " holster

The additional cant over the VM2 makes it easier to conceal the gun, as it brings the grip further forward, rather than allowing it to print out the rear of your shirt. The magnetic loops are much easier to operate than snaps, and still offer more than enough security to stay put. And the non-reinforced mouth is perfectly fine for me, as it allows the holster to be thin. If I have to unholster my carry gun, I'm not worried about how quickly I can reholster it.

If I was competing, that would be a different story. So the Nexus gets my vote for best IWB holster. ed Dec 20, Live2Ride said:. ed Jun 29, I'm also a Milt Sparks fan. I'll go along with a Nexus for IWB. I like the Axiom for OWB.

ed May 1, ed Jun 25, ed Mar 11, Milt sparks VMII.

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ed Apr 3, A good belt from the Beltman and a Brommeland Max-Con holster, this was my first and never needed to try another. For me this holster conceals perfectly at and is very thin but durable, sturdy and safe with wide loops spreading the weight over large area. ed Jun 15, ed Jun 28, Milt Sparks Summer Special 2. ed Jun 7, ed Dec 3, Which brings me to my last, but still vital, piece of holster advice - make sure you get a true, GUN belt!!

If you're going to order a Sparks holster, just order a matching belt. Kramer holsters in horse hide are kind of an industry secret. Very nice.

ed Apr 11, After some research, I think the Nexus style is what I am after. I like the idea of the Criterion but the problem with Milt Sparks holsters is the wait.

I am looking at Kelley Gunleather's Cleave model. Very similar to the Nexus. Much shorter wait and a bit cheaper. I am leaning towards horsehide in natural tan color.

ed Dec 11, I'm very happy with my TT Gunleather and much less waiting time. I tried to buy a Sparks about a year and a half ago and they had a policy of only accepting orders on the first half of the month or some other crazy thing. I see that's gone now, but for my money there are other good leathercrafters with more reasonable wait times.

Just for giggles, here's a screen capture of their ordering. The shop will be closed for the entire week following December 25th through January 3rd in observance of the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Please note: Spring of Our monthly order quota limit policy has been suspended for at least the time being and until such time it may be necessary to implement it again. We are now accepting orders throughout the month as we had been at one time in the not so distant past.

Thanks to all for your patience working with us through this! This was my confirmation from them on my last order We appreciate your patience, and request you wait until such time has expired before checking on status.

About ed brown kobra carry - "

Please check the accuracy of the above order to insure that it corresponds with your records. Notify us immediately if it does not. Any order changes made by you must be verified in writting. We cannot change your order once it has been put into production and that can happen as soon as two weeks from the time of your order. Please refer to above order on all correspondance. Also note the balance due. If your order is prepaid, and your balance is not zero, then this is the amount still due us. the discussion. Continue with Facebook.

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