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Nike shoes are very popular high quality and high performance sports shoes. Nike shoes are also very attractively styles.

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Four collectors share their love of Nike's early days and their quest for the rarest of the rare. When it comes to vintage sneakers, few out there have as much passion and enthusiasm as Jed Likos. A born collector, Jed got his start in the world of obsessive hoarding that many of us know all too well at age three, when he just had to have every Star Wars toy on the market. Instead of just hoarding his shoes, Jed began his own archival, museum-like website I Remember Those to share them and unite other collectors around the globe.

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So how the hell does he find all these amazing shoes? Jed shares his collecting story below, along with a few helpful tips on how you too can become a master of the vintage sneaker game. When did you first start collecting vintage Nike shoes?

And what do you think initially made you interested in collecting? I was born a collector and it all started out with Star Wars. Before I could read a word, I could identify every single character on the back of the Star Wars action figure packaging. When Return of The Jedi came out inI became obsessed. I had to have every single figure, ship, and accessory…I was 3.

My bedroom was covered in posters and pictures of athletes I never once had the opportunity to witness and had only read about. There was a certain mystique tied into my love of these athletes, which naturally progressed into my passion of hunting down and collecting early Nike product. What is it about Nike that has made you focus on that brand more than others?

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I fondly remember sifting through issues of Sports Illustrated as a kid, looking for the latest David Robinson or Andre Agassi ad. Growing up, all of my shoe athletes were endorsed by Nike and everything I wore was affiliated with them.

Give us the story on how you came up on your epic score of the lot of very early Made in Japan running models. My wife was expecting and I was up late getting things set and organized around the house for the arrival of our second. The seller had a very reasonable Buy It Now dating and I contacted him to see if he would end the auction early. Within seconds, the seller nike back. I was in complete and utter shock. It was the stash that all collectors dream about.

I told him that I was interested in all of the product and wished to deal outside of eBay. At the time, I literally had NO money and furiously sold off product to fellow collectors to fund the purchase. Set aside money a lot for the day they finally come up and try your best not to blow it on random models that come up every two weeks I should start listening to my own advice. You will NOT win every single auction you bid on. Yes, it has happened. I have had nothing but positive experiences when dealing with vintage collectors.

In my search for product, I have met some truly incredible people, all of them who share the same love and passion. I have dealt with people from all across the world: Japan, Malaysia, Germany, France. Be humble and go out of your way to help others when they are in need.

For tokyo, nike celebrates the imaginative spark of sport

You never know when YOU are going to need a favor from someone who lives on the other side of the planet. Some days are better than others and some people have more of it than you. All collectors have it at some point or another. I know you also collect newer shoes past the early running era. I love it ALL!! I find beauty and originality in the de components of all Nike product, which is why I am so drawn to it.

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Tell us about your site I Remember Those. I Remember Those is an online vintage database and dating platform. The basis of the website is to document Nike product between and share the experiences from various passionate collectors from around the globe. In the future, I hope to travel the world and tell the stories of these collectors. Through I Remember ThoseI have met some incredible people from all parts of the world—people I now consider close friends. I want to turn it nike a complete visual and auditory experience.

The concept is based around the idea that many of our fondest childhood memories often coincide with the sneakers that we wore. Our youngest vintage collector featured is Chaz Anestos, who at 26 years old, is younger than every shoe in his collection. A vintage clothing dealer by trade, Chaz scours his local thrift stores on an almost daily basis, finding quite a few choice Nike items in the process. We caught up with Chaz to find out what drew him to vintage Nike product, his life as a master of the thrift store, and what the future holds for his ever-growing collection.

Going through your feed on Instagram, it looks like a lot of your dating is found via thrift stores. I know some collectors love that shoe of the find. Is this your preferred method of finding vintage sneakers, or do you also hunt eBay and network with other collectors? I was told that those shoe worn by J. I actually had no intention of winning the auction, it went a lot lower than I thought it was going to.

It was the most I had ever paid for a pair of shoes at the time, and I initially panicked and was worried. Looking back, I feel like I got them for a steal, though. I have done some selling and trading with other collectors before, but it can be hard to make both parties happy. When I first started out, all of these guys had crazy special colorways and samples, and I was buying the basic models.

When I finally snagged a few pairs nobody else had, they wanted to buy them. Whose collections do you admire the most among your vintage Nike collector peers? Lindy in Ohio was the first major collection I was really exposed to, and he is still pulling crazy shoes out of the woodwork. Jed in Buffalo shares an interest in collecting almost exactly what I collect with the super early models and the player samples. He has an incredible collection and has made some big hits, as well. He is also one of the most passionate, you can definitely feel the excitement whenever he makes a score.

Overseas there are a ton of people with amazing collections. What is your plan for your collection in the future? Would you like to see some of it in a museum or other archival setting? Or will you nike eventually be passing it on to friends or family? Lindy Darrell has been running marathons in Nike since the s.

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Nick Santora: When did you first get into Nike sneakers? Right when Nike first came out with the Waffle Trainer and started becoming a running shoe company.

I was a competitive runner and liked the way they fit on my feet. They were cutting edge. Innovation at Nike was ridiculous. They really knew what they were doing and had great people there. From the very beginning to up until the early s, the technology got better and better each year.

I guess eBay had a lot to do with it because when it started, you started seeing a lot of these vintage sneakers popping up.

I also had a of my old shoes, that for some reason I never got rid of. I just kept them in their boxes in my closet. I had maybe ten pairs of shoes from the early to mid s. I also started seeing what the Japanese collectors were doing. They came here and just invaded the United States, taking everything they could get their hands on.

I started buying a few sneakers and one thing led to another. I just started looking for stuff that I liked from the past and buying it.

Again, I was one of the guys that came from that era, so I had a he-up on what to collect. I grew up with it, so I really got to know nike was what quickly. I also got to know a lot of people. I know a lot of older guys who are out of running now, but for some reason, kept a lot of their stuff. Guys right here in the U. Are your connections strictly word-of-mouth, or are you active on internet forums? This is word-of-mouth. A lot of these guys are in their 70s and even up close to 80 years old. The other day, I was talking to the gold medal decathlete from Mexico City.

How did you become the go-to guy for this stuff? They dating I have a lot of outlets to sell it, through word-of-mouth from this guy to that guy. I had a guy call me yesterday. A lot of the older manufacturers, before Nike made apparel themselves, actually made shoes for them. You could actually buy this stuff. Then they kept on with it into the s, when they were making all this retro stuff.