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Chnlove real or fake, Dancer chica Chnlove boy real for fake

Any western male who desires to date Chinese ladies should definitely know Chnlove. Since the establishment inthis premium site has collected millions of members and also received different reviews, both positive and negative.

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We test out and review a ton of dating sites every year in order to put together our compilation review of the hookup sites that actually work. We have pretty high standards and approach every review using the same criteria. Unfortunately, we didn't find a lot to like today.

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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and. ChnLove has a consumer rating of 3. Consumers satisfied with ChnLove most frequently mention beautiful ladies, customer service and live chat.

ChnLove ranks 11th among International Dating sites. I've been crushing on Asian girls and want to find an Asian girlfriend. So I look up online and found this online dating site. I've been chatting with several girls. Well, I should say it's a good journey. This is a very good example of how a dating site that helps married people find affairs should be like. It's not the fastest to work but if you have half a bloody brain then you know theres no such thing as a quick bang when your married. It takes time and effort to plan ahead and pick the right chicks to meet.

The good news is no strings affair ticks the boxes for me anyway. Dear every man, I hope this message will catch your attention, do not spend one penny on chnlove. I am a man too, but different from you guys, I was a worker in chnlove before, think about it man, you are costing your money and chatting with a man, the key is that you think he is a lady, and he said he will marry you.

Complete review - is chnlove just another scam?

No matter how to say, I feel sick, I quite that site for several months, this is the most stupid thing I have done. Do not let the fraud continue Keep your hard earned money. Stay away from this disgusting scam. To prove it, do the following. Establish a supposed relationship with a woman for one month.

Stay away from the site. Come back in four months and you will have the answer. It is nothing but a scam. They are not even smart about it. They think they are dealing with idiots. Chinese agencies are nothing but low life crooks. It's your money guys! Stay away from women claiming to be wealthy. It is nothing but a trap to get your money. These Chinese agencies are nothing but a bunch of crooks.

They think of Western men as suckers. Their real intention is to rip off unsuspecting men and not find husbands for the women they supposedly represent. The letters you get are phony.

Out of all these reviews, you only see one or two that actually found wives. This site conveniently does not post testimonials or showcase couples married through their site. It is so obvious.

I feel sorry for those suckers that think they are going to find a wife through this site. My father who I will say I'd dumb as hell had flown the China 3 times over the last couple of years. There were many times that different women were coming here but something always happened. He had to file bankruptcy and after that was done he got himself a loan and bought himself a one way ticket there. Again he is stupid for falling for it but these people are ruining people's lives.

Don't waste your money. It looks good so far but I am taking one step at a time. Online dating is tricky but this website has made it authentic with a huge database of profiles.

Chnlove questions & answers

I am in hurry and taking my time to look around and be sure before making the first move. I landed on chnlove after hearing about it from a friend. He was meeting and dating Chinese girls and now, so am I. I recommend it to everyone who is looking for real profiles and a huge of options.

Chinese beauties on this website respond quickly and are nice to talk to. Online dating was never this exciting. I have met some real ladies on this site and I am looking forward to a happy ending with my special someone. The women on this website are quick with responses. The attention I have got here has made me so happy and confident.

I would like to add a few more things to my first review.

I can well imagine that there were also disappointments. To everyone who thinks this site is a scam site. Take a realistic look from your side what the chances of success are. They are always at The more realistic you are, the more points you collect on the left. Deal with your appearance and how you want the woman by your side to look. The women pay an entrance fee.

It is mostly women who have to make a compromise because they have little chance of finding a man on the Chinese marriage market. Most prospects can be found on such a .

Language barrier: All letters are translated from English to Chinese. Very few women can speak English. A woman's first letter is always free, at least that was the case in my case. Don't be blinded by photos. It was also my first mistake with two women. Note the age difference. When a single 25 year old woman writes to a man over 50, it is an attempt at fraud.

No young woman of this age is really looking for a man over And she is still under family wing. Parents pay attention to who they drag in. So stay away and ignore it at all. Letters from such women only generate sales.

Women over 30 with children. The chances of entering into a relationship with such a woman are far from higher. These women can hardly be placed any more. The parents of such a woman know that too. Parents are more willing to give their consent to marry a western man. This can sometimes be a reason why pre-arranged meetings do not take place. The woman is under immense family pressure.