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After a cold and snowy Long Island winter, spring has finally arrived in a glorious burst of colorful blossoms. These are perfect days to explore some of the area's family-friendly gardens and Long Island's excellent state parkswhere displays of delicate pink cherry blossoms and a host of other springtime trees and flowers are in full bloom. A visit to any one of the beautiful gardens listed below lets your kids experience the vibrancy of the season, learn about Long Island's distinct springtime fauna and flora, and explore the wonders of nature.

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Spring in NYC is fleeting, the cherry blossoms peak season often only lasts one to two weeks in April or May, but it is my favorite time to explore New York. There are Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festivals that I do not recommend as they can be claustrophobically crowded, but instead visit the parks and other areas I mention early in the morning.

Watch on to see the most beautiful spring video with flowers blooming all over NYC. One of my favorite shows has to be their annual Orchid Show.

Where to see cherry blossoms and more blooms on long island

I wrote an entire blog post about it and interviewed the Senior Curator of Orchids in my video. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden Cherry Blossom might be the most famous place to celebrate springtime, but it can get very crowded especially on the weekends.

Visit early to avoid crowds and be warned that their Cherry Blossom Festival is so popular it can cause human traffic jams like this one. Central Park is a huge area full of flowers and trees blooming in spring. The most popular cherry blossom trees are along the bridle path at 90th Street and Cherry Hill near Bethesda Terrace.

The Unisphere is a foot-tall globe statue in the center of a circle of cherry blossom trees. Washington Square Arch is one of the first place tourists, locals and NYU students flock on the first few warm days of spring. The Flatiron building is flanked by large flower pots and Madison Square Park, which are lovely for people-watching and spring peeping.

After taking photos of the Flatiron Building behind the tulips or daffodils, enjoy a spritz or wine at Eataly. In spring it is flooded with fake flower decorations to perfectly set the spring mood.

The International House also includes a garden with a traditional Japanese stone lantern dedicated to the Park in This particular stone lanter, or ishi toro, is in the kasuga-toro style with a lotus flower base, animal reliefs and six volutes capstone. The garden is open Friday afternoons from pm and Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4pm.

It is named after the restored gantries or industrial monuments once used to load rail carfloats and barges. It is also well known for its large PepsiCola .

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