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Women tend to be more altruistic and their brain reacts differently than men while helping others, a new study suggests. Researchers found that the women's part of brain showed a greater response when it came to sharing money, while in men, the same structure showed more activity when they kept the cash for themselves.

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Conventional wisdom—and much research —suggests women tend to be more other-oriented than men. Two very different new studies confirm this vexing gender imbalance—one by looking at brain activity, the other by examining the behavior of new parents. The first finds the neural reward system of women is triggered by generosity, while that of men is more stimulated by self-centeredness. The second reports that, according to a survey of dual-earner households, new fathers manage to carve out far more leisure time for themselves than do new mothers. The study, in the journal Sex Rolesfeatured 52 couples from dual-earner households around the Columbus, Ohio, area.

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S ome people shout about how government is spending money on x instead of y, which I agree with by the way do not get me wrong. My issue with the emotional hypocrites is that some do not even know what their own children ate yesterday but are busy pointing fingers. Maybe this is what is wrong with this nation.

Charity begins at home. Stop being wicked.

The pain, I guess, is because we realise that maybe a little selfishness on our side too would not hurt but we rarely have the guts to be. It actually might make us better and easier to love. Now I am not saying we compete with men. I am saying there is something to be learned from them.

If you go to your friend's house and they cook sukuma wiki and you really enjoy it, as a clever woman you will ask her how she prepared it.

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She will explain it to you and you will change the way you cook that vegetable. You will then enjoy it more. Life is about learning. A man will decide he is so busy with work, ok, he actually is. He will tell you he needs a month then he can avail himself for what you want.

In the meantime, you should be content with the occasional call or WhatsApp text in between his meetings, golf and whatever else. And true to his word, he will avail himself after he is done with his month of work. A man will focus on something, a goal, his career and will stop at nothing to get it. No wife, no children, not even his mother, will sway him.

Stereotype that women are kinder and less selfish is true, claim neuroscientists

Once he has achieved his goal, then he will be ready for other things. That Are why many a man will get married at what society thinks is an old age or will divorce a wife when he has reached his peak to now look for a wife he wants. Men can be extreme. I know as women we are not made that way, but we can change a thing or two and be selfish with our time and energy or whatever other resources to achieve our goals.

The selfish day a friend and I were discussing the way a man will decide he is so busy with work, ok, he actually is. But for us women, you could be sitting minding your own business and immediately the man calls, you spring like someone lit a fire men your behind, drop everything, friends, family, children for some and work to go see the almighty man.

We have been told this great lie that we are good at multi-tasking while men can only do one thing at a time.

I am free next weekend though. Even if you are married, ask for time and support from your partner. Do your thing and come back as promised.

New evidence that women are less selfish than men

It does not make you a bad person, it teaches others how to treat you. You also do important things, you also need space, you also need support.

Remember, familiarity breeds contempt and some reasonable absence makes his heart like you more. Let us learn something from this brand of selfishness and be better people.

Keep me in your prayers. Men are selfish, women should learn from them. Register In. Advertise with us Call: : [ protected]. Connect With Us. Be selfish with your time and energy to achieve our goals. In Summary. Keep me in your prayers [ protected]. Dangerous precedent to delay election.

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