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Amsterdam adult nightlife, Adult like Amsterdam up men who nightlife flirtbook

Ladies and gentlemen, are you looking for an exciting night out in Amsterdam with some erotic entertainment? Look no further!

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Prostitution is totally legal in the Netherlands, just as it is in many other European countries, and the RLD scene is only one of four ways people can acquire sexual pleasure for a price. Amsterdam also has an abundance of escort services that will send a girl or guy to your hotel or apartment. These are similar to the sex clubs discussed below, with a few key differences. As mentioned above, these places are quite similar to the private house-brothels, but they operate as nightclubs with liquor s and public lounge areas. Some of them are fairly small, but a couple are large and very similar to an upscale nightclub in the main area.

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Your first paragraph What about the adult nightlife nightlife Amsterdam? Amsterdam's nightlife is quite famous, with the city's many clubs, pubs and cocktail bars scattered along Amsterdam bustling Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein and elsewhere. But many people don't come here for the drinks and dancing, but for that thrill unique to the city. There are a of places scattered adult this city of sin that cater to adult tastes. Whether you want to watch a steamy sex show over a drink or even take your partner out for a night of no-holds-barred swinging action, the adult nightlife in Amsterdam probably has it on offer.

Here, for a fixed admission, customers can enter for an hour and relax in the bar's cosy interior being waited on by some very comely hostesses. These hostesses are also performers and, for an additional fee, they can be called upon to perform a variety of erotic tricks, unique to each girl.

Amsterdam sex clubs

Tricks range from baby oil shows to a particularly impressive writing act and, of course, the famous banana trick the bar is named for. Like most adult nightlife in Amsterdam, the Banana Bar is not cheap. Unlimited drinks are included in the price, but this all depends on how many times the girls fill your glass over the course of the hour. The Banana Bar is open 7 days a week, from 8pm to 2am on weekdays and until 3am on Friday and Saturday.

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Not everybody can be in the mood for an up close and personal show like that found in the Banana Bar. For those looking for a thrill, but who want to keep the adult nightlife in Amsterdam at more of an arm's distance, the sex show at Casa Rosso can be well worth a look. Located not far from the Banana Bar, Casa Rosso shares the same owners, but has a very different approach.

Casa Rosso is open 7 days a week from 8pm to 2am, or 3am on Friday and Saturday. Amsterdam's next biggest sex show, the Moulin Rouge is noticeably smaller than the more famous Casa Rosso. Size isn't everything though, and this little club is a nice addition to the adult nightlife in Amsterdam. Adult nightlife in Amsterdam is not as focused on strip clubs as in some other European or American cities. Perhaps the presence of so many girls willing to do more than just strip draws the crowds away.

Regardless, one of the only strip clubs worth mentioning in the centre of Amsterdam is La Vie en Proost. Located close to the Oude Kerk, La Vie en Proost is found by taking a stroll down a narrow alley lined with girls in windows to Bethlehemsteeg If you manage to make it all the way to the door without being distracted, the club has gogo girls, topless girls and lap dancers.

Poles on the bar mean that even while getting your drink there is something to see.

Banana bar (oudezijds achterburg 37)

La Vie en Proost is open 7 days a week from 8pm to 3am, staying open until 4am on Friday and Saturday. Entry at the door is not very expensive, but drinks will set you back a pretty penny. Adult nightlife in Amsterdam can mean more than just watching.

Many who come to this city want to be a part of the show, and not just via audience participation like in the sex shows above. Sameplace, at Nassaukadeoffers something rather unique in Amsterdam, the chance to engage in some adult activity of your own with fellow adventurers.

Amsterdam sex clubs – a complete guide

The club is gay and transgender friendly, with Mondays usually being men only, and is willing to accommodate many fetishes and special interests. Like most of the adult nightlife in Amsterdam, security is a major concern and the club has a zero tolerance policy of any behaviour that could make other guests uncomfortable.

Doors open around 10pm and stay open until 3am, or until 4am on Fridays and Saturdays.

A dress code is enforced, meaning that everyone has to dress sexy, and this can be even stricter for particular fetish nights. Entrance fees vary, with different rates for couples, girls and guys; single men, unsurprisingly, have to pay more.

Finding the sex clubs

It hardly needs to be said, but no recording equipment is allowed, including mobile phones, and you can get in serious hot water if caught with anything like this. In an attempt to gather the best paintings by Vincent van Gogh we have selected seven of the most famous masterpieces of the painter.

Most can be seen at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. The Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam is home to a fabulous collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh, one of the most important 19th century artists. It's the most visited Amsterdam museum.

How to find amsterdam erotic entertainment

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. All rights reserved. Casa Rosso Oudezijds Achterburgwal Not everybody can be in the mood for an up close and personal show like that found in the Banana Bar. The Moulin Rouge is open 7 days a week from 2pm to 3am. La Vie en Proost Bethlehemsteeg 23 Adult nightlife in Amsterdam is not as focused on strip clubs as in some other European or American cities.

Sameplace Nassaukade Adult nightlife in Amsterdam can mean more than just watching. Related s: The Amsterdam red light district - overview Amsterdam nightlife : things to do The hottest Amsterdam clubs listed Amsterdam pub guide to the best beer cafes, brown pubs and 'proeverijen' The Amsterdam Sex Museum warning: it's actually serious What are the most famous Amsterdam brothels?

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