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A guy who is a player, Who baby player up men guy for slappers

Just got into a new relationship? Hopefully, this list will help you to avoid players and start dating guys who are right for you. Did he smooth talk you in a bar, at a party or out in public with seemingly no insecurities?

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Players by their nature are smooth operators who know how to get what they want and get outand this can make it difficult to distinguish them from the good guys.

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T his is not the everything guide to players because without a discussion, it's not complete; but you'll find it useful in defining a player, some of the games he plays, and 10 easy tips you can use immediately to avoid ever being played by a guy. A REAL player is a guy who manipulates a woman's feelings or emotions with the purpose of using those feelings to get what he wants from her. Typically, after he gets what he wants he disappears with little or no contact The players end game is usually sex although his timeline or how quickly he wants it to happen tends to vary.

He'll do or say whatever is necessary to achieve his goals but since he's not normally a real psychopath, somewhere, in the back of his head IS a conscious. The game exists to him as a marker in his life achievements as in how many women he can sleep with or how many "things" he can get from women. He seeks a trophy to show off to himself or others in the form of a short burst of confidence, a feeling of power, and a quieting of the past which haunts his present. They can never achieve inner completeness by using outer-game tactics and usually have a hidden misogynistic attitude towards women.

I'm assuming something happened to them during childhood which sent them down the path they are on but it's not always the case. On the other side a few women DO fall in love with a player and for that reason, some of them might use her emotions for a longer period of time. Most men are NOT players despite the overuse of the word or the label given to guys by so many heartbroken women.

2. they avoid commitment

Women can feel "played" by a guy who says or said he wants a relationship but then quickly backs out or cheats or leaves quickly from one when he's not actually playing her. He was just as ass who committed too quickly without much hesitation or for the wrong reasons.

There may not be an easy way to exactly know if a guy is a player or not because he's a con man and sometimes he's an extremely good con man BUT there are ways to avoid being played most of the time. One is his character traits, the other is how he interacts with others. If his interactions with you are leading you to believe he's a type one but he's lacking in many of the "better man" characteristics, then not only does he have the ability and skill to play women - he probably is because a man of true integrity and high moral character will never play you.

Since type twos seriously lack in the interaction parts and some of them are really good guys - it makes playing women impossible. Understand the communication gap and the power it creates. L et's dig a little deeper into this whole "player" thing because I feel too many men are accused of playing games when in fact they're not.

19 clear warning s he is a player or womanizer

Remember REAL players are rare and highly unsympathetic to women although you'll find a few of them are actually good at playing that angle. It's also quite understandable why it's extremely difficult to spot a REAL player when you're a trusting person who is just looking for love or a relationship with a great guy. You'll find some men use attraction triggers, learned or not, to enhance their perceived attractiveness to women. The occasional use of them are NOT player moves despite how it might feel. They are simply smart sometimes clever ways of getting and keeping your interest and are often done to help him appear better in your eyes.

Their moves are very similar to women having and using any means they feel necessary to attract a guy visually.

Except with guys, they must use social and personal communication because their overall appearance does little to form a deeper attractiveness. That means I don't find it appropriate to call every guy a "player" who does those things because his intent is NOT to play you or get something from you quickly and disappear. There are lots of tricks ANY guy can use to sleep with a woman quicker and it's up to the individual to decide how bad or hurtful the trick is BUT we must admit, beyond how you feel towards the guy, if he holds back for an extended period of time to actually sleep with you or try then it's NOT appropriate to call his move a player's move.

Intent is very hard to prove but if other good people are being hurt, ignored quickly, not treated with respect or empathy or made to feel inferior let's assume intention is clearly there.

Lots of guys unknowingly use their social circumstance or past relationships with women to increase another woman's attraction. Just because a guy has many good friends and a few past experiences with women does not mean he's using that to play you. Just because a guy may not follow through all the way does not make him a player.

If somewhere along that path he hesitates or is not convinced does NOT mean you're being played. In my eyes that's a remarkable difference and after you sleep with him, you'll notice a sudden change in his attitude or responsiveness to you IF he's playing you. W ell first, attraction must be there.

On a final note

The majority of players are better than average in the looks department. We actually teach average looking guys women are less likely to trust the sincerity of a handsome man and how they can use that to their advantage. Take a close look into the social world of dating and you'll find better looking guys who are fewer in s date the majority of women consistently and for that reason - when it comes to playing a woman - this gives him a noticeable advantage.

How he creates the attraction - by his looks - how he dresses - how he communicates to you - what he does to draw you in does not matter as much as the fact he MUST create the attraction first. Let's say you see this guy at work. He's handsome and a little outgoing but there are some rumors about him.

21 clear s he’s a player

Maybe you've heard he's a player and has dated several women there already. Just by coincidence, at least it felt like one, you two begin talking. Which, by the way, if he IS a real player this was NOT a coincidence and if he wants you, he made it happen and appear accidental. He knows you're a little attracted to him because most women are physically attracted to him anyways but he also notices you're a little hesitant.

After attraction he will make it appear or make it known that you should NOT fall for him. He "unwillingly" tells you things he doesn't tell other women but I guarantee he uses that tactic on every woman in the beginning.

He's gaining your trust and at the same time proving he's pre-selected ONLY by women who are no good for him. That all depends on the angle he chooses to play you and the nature of how you met and how many women you might come in contact who have dated him.

He will willingly make her feel special. He will give her lots of compliments and tell her what a great girlfriend she'd make. Since she does not believe she's that attractive or has the ability to attract a good-looking guy, she falls for it and loves the attention. However she still has trust issues so he must then prove to her it's real and that he's being sincere. This again is where he uses the last move - the "poor poor me" routine where he drip drops personal information about himself and his failed or broken past relationships.

By revealing these hidden secrets he gains her trust and can proceed to make his next move. H e can use one woman against another to create or increase jealousy.

2. he’s tends to be vague about his activity

Done skillfully you might not even notice it's happening but I believe most of the time, women do see through this game but for one reason or another choose to ignore it IF they are starting to fall for him anyways. I imagine it's her competitive drive or her possible un-liking of the other woman or women in the picture. He can act like he doesn't care or couldn't give a shit about the one woman who likes him the most AND use it to get her and other women too.

Since most of the time his end game is to get in and out quickly, knowing she likes him won't guarantee an easy escape BUT getting her to chase HIM gives him lots of quick excuses to use and avoid seeing her again after like:.

The player is often scripted with typical responses to get the reaction he is looking for therefore there is usually a web of lies just waiting to feed her. The player, after she is attracted to him will make her feel like a goddess. He actually feeds her ego because he wants something from her.

He wants her to "literally" be easily bent over so he often will just tell her exactly what she wants to hear. This includes compliments, future relationships, how he's only looking for love and doesn't settle easily, or how he hasn't met many women who DO it for him, and etc S ince I'm not really a player it's a little difficult to come up with more player moves and what to look out for so you can avoid being played. Feel free to add your own personal experience below or your opinion on what I've shared with you today. He was probably just as ass who committed too quickly without much hesitation or for the wrong reasons.

I'm not saying his dick didn't control what he did, just that he got himself deep into something he didn't want. T hanks for stopping by today. I do hope you found what you were looking for and that I've opened your eyes and heart to what a real player is, the games he uses, and how you can avoid or stop yourself from ever being played again.

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Make sure you read my free Ebook below to truly understand why that is, the real difference between the two types, and WHY a type two can never be player. Knowing that bit of information can make all the difference in the world for you and your relationship. It was written by Rori Raye and her promise to you is to help you figure out if he is bad for you or just making mistakes so you can stop treating the symptoms and get right to fixing the problem. Granted - it's for women who are currently in a relationship with a guy and it's doubtful many of you will find yourself in one with a player BUT, based on what I've written today - a guy can be made out to be a player when in reality - he's just making some major mistakes and some really BAD decisions.

Which tells me lots of women who come to this directly and found it in their search box - ARE in a "somewhat" unstable relationship with a guy and they are questioning if they're being played.

Let me show you the right way because if you do it wrong, there may be no turning back the clock. Subscribe With Confidence — Policies. I credit you in part for finding love myself.

I recommend you to everyone who I feel could use your advice. Thank you! About the author: Understanding men does not have to be complicated. There are only two types of guys and knowing this changes everything. You must know which one or you could misinterpret everything he says or does as it relates to you. Take a look at the Why Do Guys Facebook. Follow me on Twitter. Is He A Player? You dare to speak his secrets aloud!

Raised on the West Coast by parents with Ph. I knew he was playing me.